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The is an electronic platform in providing jobs of everything in ways and global scientific methods, one of our main priorities is to give idea with some due Privacy Policies:

1) We reserve the right to amend these terms whenever we want and without prior notice or warning, as you, as a user of the site, must always review these terms and abide by their content.

2) We do not ask any data from you or register or take any data from site visitors, but the notifications that you are entitled to cancel or accept.

3) Our contents offer the references in jobs, and they are written through it's main website.

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5) We do not violate copyrights from other sites because we rely on specific explanation of us, what we do is:

  • We search from different sources inside the companies
  • We study what we searched for.
  • We publish our jobs.

6) Our articles is constantly developing and improving from our visitors or from the site maker. You have the right to disagree by communicating with us via email and we have the right to modify, correct or delete the jobs.

7) We do not have the ability to make any guarantees of the continuity of the site or interruptions, errors or defects.

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