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What Makes Keywords Good for Search Engines

What Makes Keywords Good for Search Engines

We'll explain exactly what makes "good" keywords and highlight three important factors to consider when choosing keywords:

  • Convenience
  • Number of visits
  • The competition

The search engine only allows you to pay each time someone clicks on your ad, so you need to make sure that every amount you pay is not in vain.

Let's go back to our wedding photographer example and assume that you own this business, you've just updated your website and you want to attract new visitors.

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Keywords and what makes them good

Keywords or what you call targeted keywords. These key terms are often something specific to your site and you will find that the cost of the keyword “wedding photographer in Dubai” is about two dollars per click by the way, the keyword does not have to be one word, but it can be the words also, targeted reflect the specific service we provide.

Using targeted keywords like this will help the search engine know that your site is about many different things, some related and some not.

But once the search engine knows about your site, it may show your site in the results set for that target phrase. A user searching using this target phrase is more likely to buy or sign up for your website because you provide exactly what they are looking for.

In other words, the user wouldn't have to scan the results to find what they wanted because the target keyword phrase brought them exactly what they wanted.

So, if you don't know how useful these clicks are to your business, you won't be able to tell if this keyword is good or not.

Your activity is only one dollar then it is recommended that you make some adjustments and therefore, calculating the value of clicks on your ad helps you assess the quality of keywords, but you cannot measure the value generated by keywords before starting your advertising campaign.

This can cause a problem, right? So how will you research keywords before using them in your ad campaign? Here are some options.

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Most relevant keywords

You must first ask yourself:

  • Is this keyword appropriate?
  • Do you describe your products or services well?

For example, apt are the keywords that indicate someone is looking to hire a wedding photographer in Dubai and those that indicate that someone is looking for how to photograph their own wedding or how to use digital photography are certainly less appropriate.

This means that you have to focus only on the keywords that are relevant to your business in order to be successful. Another factor that you have to take into consideration is to monitor how many visits your keyword is likely to get.

In other words, you can make a list of the most relevant keywords, but what to do if the keywords that are right for you are not being searched for? In this case we have to start over.

For example, think of this keyword “photographer in Dubai who specializes in outdoor wedding photography.”

This phrase describes your business well, but it is unlikely that a searcher will use a keyword that is detailed in this way, it is also unlikely that a bid for that word would enable searchers to learn about your business.

On the other hand, a shorter keyword like “wedding photography in Dubai” is more appropriate for your business and may be helpful to show it to searchers.

Keyword research tools can estimate traffic to help you get a better handle on the topic, but in fact, you'll have to err a bit to determine which keywords are relevant and get more traffic.

Now that you know how important relevance and traffic are to finding good keywords, let's move on to another, more important factor in determining the effectiveness of your keywords, which is competition.

If the keyword is relevant and attracts a lot of traffic, your competitors are likely to use it too. For example, every photographer in Dubai is likely to quote the keyword “wedding photography in Dubai.”

This does not mean that you should ignore it, but you should look for keywords that combine relevancy and attract traffic and at the same time the competition for them is relatively less.

For example, the keyword “wedding film shooting in Dubai” may be less competitive because it accurately describes your activity. 

Therefore, when you think about the keywords you want to put in your advertising campaigns, you need to remember about relevance, potential traffic, and competition.

Do not forget that it is necessary to balance these three elements, but just thinking about them puts your advertising campaign on the right path, so make sure to monitor your keywords well and then take the necessary actions or modifications that will lead you to more progress and success in the world of search engine marketing.

What makes a good keyword SEO?

The answer is broad and targeted keywords. Search engines will associate specific keywords with their more general terms and using both on your site will help the site become an authority on the topics you are talking about.

If we start with target keyword phrases and become experts in them, eventually we will become experts in general terms too.

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