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What are the Basics of Social Networks

What are the Basics of Social Networks

How do we spend our day? We eat, we sleep, we work, and then we do the ball again, right? Social networking sites have become a part of our lives, and as a business owner, these sites can be very useful to you as they allow people to communicate, interact, share content and exchange information, and quickly become something you cannot do without easily millions of people, literally, communicate and share content via social networking sites. social daily.

What are the benefits of social networking?

1. It is possible to communicate with customers

But it can also become a great tool for businesses where social media can be a platform that allows you to talk directly with your customers and potential customers alike, share content, engage in conversations, build trust, reach more people, strengthen your influence in your field, and be able to Understand your customers better.

Don't you believe? We will show you. Imagine you own a vintage clothing store.

Your customers might be using social media to talk about you, perhaps sharing their amazing finds, asking for advice on some alterations, or even posting pictures of celebrities in vintage clothes.

When you join these social sites, you can participate in these conversations, start new conversations, you will probably start posting pictures of new items in your store, this will help you to stay “in mind” and also be a reason to visit your site again and again.

In this way, your network can grow rapidly. These people may see your posts and share them with fashion professionals, which can attract more followers and new relationships, and these people may become your new customers.

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2. It can build trust with customers

Social media can also help you build trust with your audience. For example, imagine a potential customer reading reviews or watching videos of real people - not actors - dressed and promoting them.

This is what social networking sites do as they give your customers and fans the opportunity to advertise your products, which earns you trust.

When someone else says how great you are, your weight increases. You are not promoting yourself, your customers are the ones who do it for you.

3. It can build your brand

There is also one final benefit that social media can provide to your business, which is giving you the ability to learn a lot by monitoring how people interact with your brand online.

No one might care about a blog post about the history of embroidery, but a video of twenty ways to tie a silk scarf gets tons of posts find out what people like online and in your store, and give them more! 

Now we're going to talk about how you can use social media to generate income for your business by joining the right sites, sharing content, engaging in lively conversations, and growing your networks.

How to use social media to generate income for your business

1. You have to know the different networks

Above all, you cannot take advantage of social networks without definitely being a member of them, which means that you have to learn about the different networks, and which ones do your customers use the most? Because this will help you decide if you need a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Pinterest or Twitter account, Google+ page, LinkedIn business page, or some combination of this.

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2. Create your business profile

You will need to create your own profile for your business, which will usually be your "home page" on each of the sites you will sign up for.

Of course every social network is different, but as a general rule, you should add as many details about your business as possible, such as your location and contact methods, but some networks allow you to add more information about your business, and even add photos and videos.

Once you're on a social network, it's time to know your neighbors Don't rush! Making friends takes time and effort, but it can help you introduce your business to the world, and this is an investment that will pay off.

3. The use of social media in marketing

You must know that the use of social networking sites in order to achieve profits for your business is completely different from traditional advertising channels where the people you interact with through social networks do not want to receive monologues, but rather conversations and a reciprocal relationship of give and take is full of vitality, so treat this network as you treat Your friends and colleagues in real life.

4. Using relationships in social networks

Remember that making friends on social media doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't come with force, you have to start recruiting existing customers, maybe with a board hanging in your store that says "Follow us on" or - and maybe better - give them a ten percent discount if they contact you via Internet.

Doing this in different ways will grow your network, such as:

  • Competitions
  • Special Events
  • Special offers for members only
  • Fun content
  • Realistic, face-to-face meetings with members of your social circle

Don't forget that every member of your social network has their own network, and that everything on social media is about engagement so the more you add posts and pictures and engage in conversations, the easier it will be for people to connect with you, and that means more eyes on you and your business.


Social networks are a great way to start a conversation with people, to grow your customer base, and like anything else on the Internet, you have to come up with a plan.

If you follow the rest of the videos that we publish, you will receive various types of social networking sites, and how to build your presence on them, then we will talk about building and managing a plan for social networks. Your success in using social networks.

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