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Social Media Campaigns on Mobile Devices

Social Media Campaigns on Mobile Devices

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your business, and to achieve a variety of goals, from building a loyal customer base to increasing sales on your website.

It can also provide valuable information about the social activity of your customers, and play an important role in the growth of your business. if:

  • How do you create a mobile social media campaign then?
  • What are the targeting options available on social networks?
  • What are some guidelines for creating ads on mobile social media?

How to create a mobile social media campaign?

There are three basic steps to advertising on mobile social media:

  1. Identify the social media sites you want to use. Social networks serve different purposes, such as developing personal relationships, professional communication or even sharing content. Some of them focus on specific types of content, such as photos or videos once you understand the goals of the network and its participants, you can choose the most suitable places for your business.
  2. Take advantage of audience targeting features where social media advertising solutions, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, offer multiple targeting options to help you view your ads in front of the right people.
  3. Keep mobile in mind when creating ads, people are probably visiting social media sites via mobile devices so you should improve your messages to view on small screens.

Suppose you own a plumbing company in Abu Dhabi, and want to increase knowledge of who lives in your area by using targeted ads on social media.

To achieve this, you can decide to view mobile ads on Facebook to bring more visits to your website, adjust your campaign to target people in Abu Dhabi and choose to target male homeowners because you know they represent the majority of your customers.

The app on mobile devices can complement your mobile compatible site, helping your customers achieve specific and useful goals and helping you increase customer loyalty as you can communicate with them effectively, helping them make purchases easily via mobile devices.

Can't wait to get started? Well, you have two options that you can find a professional app developer to work with, or check out one of the self-service tools, such as Appy Pie, Build Fire or Como.

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Targeting options available on social networks

You also have the option to target people according to their interests and activities, and the pages they like on Facebook that filter your group to include males who have shown interest in home improvements and plumbing problems.

Social media has a lot of information about its users, which allows you to target your audience in more meaningful ways.

In our example, Facebook targeting your business has allowed you to reach a very specific group of people, in a very specific area.

Your next step is to make eye-catching ads targeting Facebook users via mobile and since mobile screens are much smaller than desktop computers It's better to keep your messages short and simple, or maybe you can create image-based ads rather than text-based.

Like a rotary format ad, which can show your new set of pipes It allows people to navigate to see all your products, and click on a photo to go directly to your website.


First choose the right social media sites to advertise, then direct your ads to your intended audience. Finally, create influential ads specifically designed for mobile devices.

Remember: As more people turn to using social media via mobile, a seamless social media marketing campaign can actually help boost your advertising efforts.

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