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How Do You Make Your Ads Stand Out to Search Engines

Make Your Ads Stand Out

In this article, we'll help you highlight your business with ads that grab the user's attention and teach you how to write headlines that encourage them to click on your ad.

What is the search advertising?

Search advertising, also known as paid search advertising, Google advertising, and search engine marketing, is a marketing technique that places online ads in search engine results.

Companies that place ads in search results pay a small fee each time someone clicks on one of their ads (this is known as a “pay-per-click” ad).

So have you noticed the similarity between most of the ads you see in the results of any search on the Internet?

Search advertising is a powerful form of advertising because people searching on Google reveal a lot about their intent (i.e. what they want to do or buy) when they search.

Advertisers have the ability to bid on keywords so that their ads appear when people search for the exact types of things they are selling.

Let's start by searching for “the best English language learning site” and look at the ads that will appear in the results.

You may first notice that there are a large number of English teaching sites on the Internet, and that all the ads are distributed randomly because their relevance to our search is not strong and does not offer anything special. your attention.

There is no doubt that your ad can easily get lost in the sea of ​​results, hence the importance of creating a unique ad that distinguishes you from others, so how do you highlight your ad to stand out within the search page? There are some simple guidelines that you can follow to turn your ad into the spotlight.

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Relevancy of your ads in search engines

Relevancy is the basis of the search engine marketing game, so try to formulate a title for your ad that corresponds as closely as possible to the words used by the researcher.

Do you remember the example of searching for the best sites to teach English? If you want to make sure that your ad appears in search results for these words, you should use it in the ad title to read “Help an English teacher” so that your ad reaches users who search for these keywords. Search advertising best practices include:

  • Logical account structure
  • Smart keyword search
  • Creative and relevant ads on the search network
  • Cost-effective targeting strategies

Continuous improvement You can attract the customer’s attention by offering special features that interest them. Let’s look at the first line in your ad: “Contents for teaching English.” We can modify it to include a special offer.

This offer looks great and gives the customer a clear reason to visit your website and you can also advertise “home tutoring for orders over twenty-five dollars.” Your ad, or in other words, tell your visitors what you want them to do when they enter your site from here the importance of including specific instructions such as “get to know us”, “buy books” or “book a lesson” Research indicates that users they respond when directed to take a specific step.

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How to write headlines that encourage him to click on your ad

It is helpful to include clear instructions in the second line of your ad so that the searcher knows exactly what to expect when clicking on your ad. Let's say, for example, that you chose the phrase “book online now.” It's not bad, but it's not interesting.

To strengthen English” This phrase is much better. It tells or inspires the customer what to do when they visit your website and it supports the idea that you want to communicate to the customer that your business meets their needs because you have a wide variety of English lessons.

Now let's go back to our original ad and compare it to the edited version.

Does the new ad title seem more relevant to search? It informs the customer that there is an interesting offer, encourages them to make a specific move and is likely to attract more customers to your website, so what is the point of this article so far?

We learned that some simple adjustments help your ads stand out from others and give you an advanced position in the competition, so you should do the following:

  • You have to formulate your ad title to match the searches
  • Then put a special offer or appropriate
  • Finally, encourage the customer to take a specific action

These guidelines will help you improve the return on your search engine ad Just remember that writing good ads is an ongoing process, just like searching for keywords or monitoring your bid for each ad click.

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