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How to Understand Mobile Website and Mobile Apps

How to Understand Mobile Website and Mobile Apps

In today's world of experimental activities it is no longer enough to own a website where people use the Internet over smartphones more than computers.

The bottom line is: your business site must be mobile-compatible, which means it needs to work well on smaller screens.

In this article, we'll talk about how search engines have adapted to the way we use mobile devices now, how to make your website mobile compatible, and some important things you should know about mobile search engines optimization.

How search engines have adapted to the way we use mobile devices now

Well, imagine you were heading out of the apartment when you suddenly noticed this kitchen sink blockage is not good as your friends will come to you later so you need a plumber to resolve this today but there is a taxi waiting for you outside to pick you up to the train station and you have to go now.

So what are you going to do? You will pull your mobile and jump in the taxi and look for a plumber near you.

The search results will show some options. Various business activities include a few streets away from your apartment.

One option has a clickable phone number. When you approached the station you didn't find it seemed to click on to make a call that the plumber would agree to meet in your apartment at 5 o'clock.

Thank you, mobile! This scenario is a great example of how many of your potential customers use mobile devices, they usually navigate compact time and use search engines to find quick answers.

Search engines also provide people with the results of their research phrases and locations, and can also tell them whether the site is mobile compatible. Wait, what does mobile compatibility mean by adjusting?

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How to make your website mobile compatible?

To answer we will start with the technique used to build your site you will have many options available but most search engines prefer something called a "responsive design", where the responsive site adapts itself based on the size of the viewer screen so when you have a responsive site, you won't have to create two separate websites for computers and mobile devices so you save yourself from a lot of effort.

The difference of the well-designed site for mobile devices is that it is usable on the smallest phone screen and the lines should be easy to read and the buttons easy to click.

Mobility must also be clear and simple to use in order to make it easier for visitors to immediately understand their next steps and how to take action.

For example, in a plumber scenario, there was a clickable telephone number.

Despite the smaller screen size, visitors to the site must be able to complete shared and important tasks.

Once you create a mobile-compatible site, you will need to help search engines find and understand it, and show it in results as we hope this is what mobile search engine optimization can provide you.

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Some important things you should know about optimizing mobile search engines?

Mobile search engine optimization includes the same factors you have considered in standard websites, such as appropriate content, but what is important for an improved mobile site is performance and usability.

Performance means how quickly the site is loaded, which can be influenced by many things, such as overly large photos and file sizes.

Usability refers to the visitor's experience of using your site and generally, if your site offers a good experience for mobile users, it is likely to appear in mobile search results.

Here's an example: Some video formats and content can't be displayed on mobile devices if, if that's how your site was created, it won't offer a good user experience, will it?

How do you make sure your website is mobile compatible if? You can take a quick mobile test of your site, through Google's Mobile Fit Test.


You should make sure your business site works well on mobile devices, where a mobile-compatible site can bring you more website visitors, give them a better experience, and bring you more business.

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