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How to Understand Mobile Apps

How to Understand Mobile Apps

An effective mobile marketing approach involves more than just optimizing your website to perform well on mobile devices.

So more and more businesses are also investing in mobile apps to engage with customers while they are on the go or busy.

But what purposes do mobile apps serve? And how do you know the size of its benefit to your business? This is what we will explain in this article.

We'll discuss what makes a mobile app different from a mobile site, the benefits of apps, and how to determine if a mobile app is right for you.

What makes a mobile app different from a mobile website?

Your mobile site is like a simplified example of your main site, with mobile-compatible sites providing most of the features that your main site includes, but they are only designed to work well on smaller screens so that visitors can access the mobile site via the mobile browser, just as they do on the larger computer browser.

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What are the benefits of applications?

Let's now talk about mobile-compatible apps, which are those that can be uploaded and installed on the mobile, and apps usually provide a certain function that is not easily accomplished on the browser, often integrated with shared smartphone properties, such as a camera or GPS.

There are many ways in which apps benefit your business directly to look at some examples, and to imagine that you own a separate cinema hall and have decided to create the app to help control ticket sales.

To achieve this one of the main benefits of apps is their ability to send messages to a person's mobile, even when the app does not use the so-called "pay notifications", and you can use it to send a reminder to your customers when the latest movies start running, or learn it with special discounted viewing times.

Your app can also do a new loyalty program where customers can use the app to book tickets and earn points on each movie they watch.

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How to determine if a mobile app is right for you?

The simplified payment process in your app can allow customers to buy movie tickets with a few clicks and then, the app can use GPS in your customers' mobile devices to illustrate directions to the cinema.

With a lot of possibilities for your business, you may decide to develop your app.

So, how do you start? To answer you need to think about your business goals and what you want your mobile visitors to accomplish, all those goals may be achieved through your mobile-compatible website, but you may set a specific goal for your business and achieve it better via the app and who knows, this may be your next step towards online success.


The app on mobile devices can complement your mobile compatible site, helping your customers achieve specific and useful goals and helping you increase customer loyalty as you can communicate with them effectively, helping them make purchases easily via mobile devices.

Can't wait to get started? Well, you have two options that you can find a professional app developer to work with, or check out one of the self-service tools, such as Appy Pie, Build Fire or Como.

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