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How to Make Your Website Searchable

How to Make Your Website Searchable

Perhaps the first thing you seek to achieve when creating a website is enabling search engines to easily find it to ensure that potential customers find it as well.

How to make your website searchable

In this article we will talk about simple actions you can do to make it easier to find your website pages.

1. High quality content

Provide high quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the most important thing to do.

If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and urge webmasters to link to your site.

When creating a useful and informative site, write pages describing your subject clearly and accurately.

Think about the words users will write to find your pages and include those words in your site.

2. Page optimization

Page optimization, i.e. making changes to individual pages in your website to improve them, can help search engines better and faster understand your site content.

Suppose you run a small farm called the "Nature Farm," and want to improve a page on the website that talks about the vegetables and fruit you produce.

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3. Headline and induction description

There are many elements on your page that search engines can use to find out about the page's theme, including:

  • Descriptive tags
  • Headline
  • Page addresses
  • Content of the same page

A: Description tags and headline

Let's start with the metadata and headline, two elements that are not found on a web page but only in icons.

Which are embedded messages that help the search engine identify the content on the page and are specifically referred to as: The importance of these two elements is that the search engine uses them to create the actual search result of the page specified in the search results, where the title is the first line.

While the induction description is used to show the short extract displayed below the title.

Thus, when creating a page on vegetables and fruit, you will need to make sure that the phrase "fruit and vegetables" is found in the title and description together, such as "Nature Farm - Fresh Fruit and Vegetables" is a good title, describing the subject of the page while at the same time highlighting the name of your business.

A good induction description usually consists of two short sentences, and the headline should also support by reusing the same keywords or phrases and a good example of an induction description here may be a phrase such as: "Nature Farm can deliver fresh fruit and organic vegetables to your home upon request, choose your online box and select its ingredients to your liking."

It's easy to check if you have a convenient mobile offer or not. Google has a web test tool for mobile called Webmaster Tool to do just that.

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B: Page addresses

The title should be short and beautiful, and the descriptive description should be identical to the subject of the page so you should always take into account the content on the page itself, specifically what visitors to the site see and not just what search engines see.

There are two other elements you can set to help search engines correctly classify your content, namely page titles and content.

Just like descriptive tags, page titles are embedded within the HTML code, but visitors can see them and often appear at the top of the page.

For example, a good page title may be a phrase such as :" fresh vegetables and fruit" Note how this phrase illustrates the subject of the page while at the same time benefiting search engines.

C: Content of the same page

Finally, if you write a topic about fresh vegetables and fruit and want to use this phrase in the content of the page.

You should not repeat it too much because search engines may treat it like junk mischievous mail, remember that you write for customers basically so make sure your message is clear and understandable.


So, to summarize what you've done so far to improve the farm's web pages, I've touched on each of the key elements used by search engines, and every time I mentioned that "Your page talks about fresh fruit and vegetables".

Whatever you see search engines, there is no doubt that following these steps will ensure they have access to clear and consistent information about your page content, which will help raise your rating in the search engine.

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