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Everything You Should Know About Mobile Video Ads

Everything You Should Know About Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video ads offer a valuable marketing opportunity for business activities where they can be more attractive, providing more information than traditional ad formats.

So, let's discuss the growth of mobile video, how to create mobile video ads, and target mobile video ads for related content.

Mobile video growth

Do you know how much mobile video consumption has grown in recent years? To take an idea of the huge growth in this area, here's the following: the year of Alvin and Eleven only six percent of YouTube visits came from mobile devices four years later, mobile devices are responsible for half of the site's daily views, estimated at billions.

Which means that while people spend more time watching videos on mobile, there are more opportunities for business activities to connect with customers.

Let's go back to the assumption that you own a plumbing project in Abu Dhabi, and you have a number of plumbers working around the city and now you're thinking about growing your business further by showing video ads to know how to do it, we'll look at ways you can implement effective video advertising campaigns.

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How to create mobile video ads?

The first thing you need to do is make the actual videos you will use, and now you no longer have to have a huge budget for the video industry, in fact, many great high-quality videos can be shot using mobile.

What matters is the content, and when considering what video content will be produced, you should take into account some of the key things, namely:

  • Keep the video relevant, you have to make content that your audience cares about.
  • Make it short as attention periods are limited, so you have to adjust the timing of your ads appropriately.
  • Add a clear phrase in your video to urge the viewer to take action, and make sure to tell the audience what to do later to stay interested.

For further clarification, let's say you decided to make a short video showing one of your best plumbers while placing a tube in a new building from start to finish, the video should show the skill and experience of your plumbing crews.

The next step is to upload the video ad and direct it to your mobile audience when doing so.

Think about your audience's location, think about the period of the day they watch a video on the mobile, and the types of video they watch.

Let's say you want to show the video to people within 30 miles of Abu Dhabi, which means that keeping the target area small makes sense because you know that most people need plumbers who can reach their homes quickly.

Besides, you can view ads on home improvement videos in this way, people who want or most likely need this service can be reached.

Targeting mobile video ads for related content

With video ads, you can choose keywords to guide your ads to relevant content, and you can even choose specific videos and sites you want to view your ads on.

For example, if you know a trending YouTube channel showing videos of rundown home renovation projects, that would be a great channel to target.

Now, those watching videos of plumbing disasters will see that your business provides solutions to any plumbing problem.

See how mobile video ads can help you interact with people by feasible means? Don't forget that the more targeted and relevant your video ads are, the more interactive your customers are.

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