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How to Establish Your Goals For Social Networks

Establish Your Goals For Social Networks

We said before that social networking sites provide great opportunities for businesses, but it is also a double-edged sword.

Ready to know what you will get from social networking sites? So let's get started! There are so many social media sites, so many ways to use them to achieve so many different goals, but before you start signing up or posting all over the social network, answer a simple question: What do you hope to accomplish on social media?

Increase awareness of your business

If you are looking for a faster way to answer customer inquiries, social media can be one way to reach your existing customers and encourage them to buy more from you, or perhaps you can grow your business by finding more potential customers.

These are all good goals that social media can help you achieve, and there are many more.

Remember our classic clothing store? Let's use this example to see how this game is run.

Let's say you just opened your store, and you want to bring in more customers, but to do that you need to create some noise and appear in front of as many people as possible, so this is your first goal: increase awareness of your business.

Remember this goal well; Because it will help you plan your next move on social media.

In principle, you have to find something interesting to say, and people to say your message to of course.

Since you are trying to find people who have not heard of you before, think about what might sound interesting to them or what content they will respond to most often.

You might have a new line of Hats, or a big discount on the occasion of the opening.

Once you have something to say, it's time to figure out how to find people to say it to.

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Grow your network in social media

Do you want to grow your network? So maybe you should start with some big networks, like join Facebook and Twitter.

Once you establish yourself you can reach a group of loyal customers, or even your friends and family, and ask them to connect with you, and as you share with them and they participate in their own networks, you will start to grow your relationships and achieving your business goals.

Remember that social media is not a one-way street, you should also share and give back to your new network of friends and followers.

For example, you can engage with your network by reposting some of their content, or perhaps you can start some discussion by commenting on other people's content about the current fashion trend or a celebrity who posted a photo with a great classic look.

The last thing you need to plan for is how you will address the diverse audiences in the different networks you use, as this will depend in part on the function of the network itself, but what is worth thinking about is the style or tone used and the interactions you want to reach.

Will you be professional and decisive? Maybe this will work if your target audience is professionals, or if you're in a network like LinkedIn, or would you be fun and friendly? This may work with less formal and professional networks, where you are dealing with a more casual consumer.


Again, don't forget your business goals. If you're looking to attract more people to your network or activity, make sure to use an engaging and encouraging tone, and if you're trying to interact with your existing customers, make sure you speak to them gratefully for being loyal customers.

Finally, the world of social media can be large and complex, but starting with specific goals will help you decide which networks to participate in, how you will use them, and how they will help you achieve your goals.

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