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Display Ads Campaigns for Mobile Devices

Display Ads Campaigns

A decade ago, when smartphones were almost a sophisticated idea, no one expected them to become indispensable to us in a few years. No one expected to dominate the Internet, social media and the way we share and read our news.

People spend a lot of time using mobile devices these days so it's important to think about how your mock ads work on their devices.

Display ads on mobile devices

Display ads can help you achieve a lot of different goals such as finding new customers or building a strong brand name.

Whatever you're trying to do, mobile will be a very important part of your display advertising strategy, display ads are all about getting the attention of people browsing online content Applies.

This also applies to the mobile world, but with a few important differences that must be taken into account, such as size.

When displaying a display ad, think of all the different types of mobile devices there are big and small smartphones as well as tablets and smartwatches and who knows what might become popular in a year or two?

Create ad variations for mobile devices

With different device sizes, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to display ads is sure to not work. You may have an ad that is very attractive on a tablet, but is too large or inconvenient on a smaller mobile, or the opposite.

That is, the ad is ideal for mobile but does not attract the attention of the tablet user.

So if you want your display ads to be successful on mobile, you'll need to experiment a bit and try to find the right combination of ad formats that fit the devices your audience is using.

This will give you a very good chance of dramatically increasing the reach of your display ad campaigns.

It's not hard. If you use the “Google AdWords” platform to display your ads, you can use the free “Google Ad Gallery” to quickly create professional looking display ads in all shapes and sizes.

Like regular display ad campaigns, you can target mobile display ad campaigns to the audience you're trying to reach based on their interests. Target people who view websites that evaluate plumbing services.

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Include apps in your mobile display ads plan

What is unique to the mobile world is that you are not limited to displaying your ads only on websites, but you can go further and display your ads on mobile applications as well, which represents a large part of the time people spend on mobile so it has become important.

Now more than ever to include mobile apps in your display advertising plan.

The process is not complicated and we will explain this to you now. Remember our example of plumbing? I'm showing you how your mobile ads can target websites that provide ratings, right?

Well, it's similar in apps where you can target specific apps that are relevant to your plumbing business, such as those that provide reviews or information on how to do things or make things yourself.

So when people use this type of apps your ad can appear so, you can reach more potential customers by including apps in your mobile display ads plan.


Mobile display ads are rapidly evolving as new technology is reshaping the landscape, and there are many mobile ad networks you can use such as “Google AdWord” or “InMobi” which means that a non-mobile display strategy is incomplete because it is part of big part of people's lives.

And the mobile display ad strategy that doesn't include apps is also incomplete for the same reason.

Thankfully it's easy to experiment with different ad formats and targeting options so you can see what works best for you.

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