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Why Does the Penis Stand During Sleep in Young Men?

Why Does the Penis Stand During Sleep

During the day, the brain tells the endocrine glands to release the erection-disrupting hormone noradrenaline.

During sleep, the amount of secretion decreases, so erections often occur at night.

It happens intermittently, so whether or not an erection occurs in the morning is purely a matter of chance.

Why does the penis stand duringl sleep?

The occurrence of an erection during sleep, as usual, indicates the health of the blood ducts in the penis, which is essential to ensuring an erection when excited.

Morning erections have another important function: keeping your penis on standby as soon as you need to use it in the bedroom.

It is important to repeat erections at night, because the stay of the penis contracted for a long time leads to a decrease in the elasticity of the soft muscles.

Without repeated erections and contraction, you may end up with a decrease in the length of the penis in the erect position.

This condition can appear at any age, but it is more common in young people.

Some believe that morning erections are caused by sexual stimulation, but this is not the cause in all cases, as your body usually reacts to a number of different natural factors such as:

  • Physical stimulation
  • Hormonal changes
  • Brain resting stage

As we mentioned, an erection during sleep or upon spontaneous awakening appears in all men of all ages, and is an indication that the man is in good health. The reason is not known for certain.

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