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108 Useful English Phrases for Staying at a Hotel

Useful English Phrases for Staying at a Hotel

When traveling for business or vacation, it is likely that you will be staying in a hotel, residence or hostel.

No matter where you are staying, you will need some hotel English phrases (quick to use) to be able to communicate with the office staff.

Useful English phrases for staying at a hotel

We've collected some great phrases for you to use during your next stay:

  1. English words and phrases used in hotels
  2. Have you got a single room for tonight?
  3. I'd like to stay in a double room.
  4. Do all the rooms have air-conditioning?
  5. Is breakfast included?
  6. When do you serve breakfast?
  7. Could you give me a call at 7 tomorrow morning, please?
  8. I'd like to pay in cash by credit card by traveller's cheque
  9. Hello, can I help you?
  10. Would you like a room with a bath or a shower?
  11. How long would you like to stay at our hotel?
  12. How would you like to pay?
  13. Your room is on the second floor on the right.
  14. Sorry, we're fully booked for tonight.
  15. Sorry, we are full up.
  16. Is there anything else I can do for you?
  17. Do you have any vacancies?
  18. Do you have a curfew?
  19. I have a reservation
  20. What time do you serve breakfast?
  21. I’d like to make a reservation/booking
  22. Can I get room service?
  23. I booked online
  24. I’d like a single/double room, please
  25. Do you have a lower rate for children?
  26. Is breakfast included?
  27. Does the room have air conditioning?
  28. Could we have an extra bed in the room?
  29. I’d like to check out
  30. Is there anywhere we can leave our luggage?
  31. Do you allow pets?
  32. What time does the bar close?
  33. Where are the lifts?
  34. Does the hotel have any laundry facilities?
  35. How long will you be staying for?
  36. Could I take your credit card details, please?
  37. What kind of room would you like?
  38. What time will you be arriving?
  39. Would you like an en suite room?
  40. Do you need a smoking or non-smoking room?
  41. Can I see your booking reference?
  42. Could you fill in this registration form, please?
  43. Would you like a wake up call?
  44. Breakfast is from 7am until 9am
  45. Check out is before 11am
  46. Here is your room key
  47. Enjoy your stay!
  48. Your room is on the second floor
  49. Do you serve breakfast?
  50. Is breakfast included?
  51. What time is breakfast served?
  52. Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
  53. Are there any restaurants nearby?
  54. Do you have special menus for children?
  55. Do you cater for children?
  56. Do you have a reservation?
  57. Do you need help with your bags?
  58. Is there anything else we can help you with?
  59. How many guests are with you?
  60. Your room is on the second floor.
  61. Thank you for staying with us!
  62. I’d like to book a room, please.
  63. We really enjoyed our stay.
  64. The room is too noisy.
  65. Can I see the room, please?
  66. Please sign your name here.
  67. More fresh towels are available at the front desk.
  68. I’d like a single room, please.
  69. Can someone help me with my bags?
  70. When I can check-in?
  71. Do you need a wake-up call?
  72. Could I have your room number and key, please?
  73. I have a reservation.
  74. I booked a room online. It’s under (name).
  75. Do you have any vacancy?
  76. I’d like a single room/double room/triple room/twin room/suite, please.
  77. Where are the elevators/lifts?
  78. What time is checkout?
  79. I’d like to check out.
  80. I'm going to visit Chicago next month.
  81. Could you recommend a good hotel?
  82. I'd like to stay at a quiet inexpensive hotel not far from the center of the city.
  83. I would like to stay at a large modern hotel downtown.
  84. Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
  85. When is breakfast served?
  86. Can I get Internet access in the hotel? Where can I send a fax? Is there a business center in the hotel?
  87. When does the business center open? When does it close?
  88. Is there a fitness center / a health club in the hotel?
  89. Does the hotel have a gym?
  90. Is there an exercise room / a workout room in the hotel? Is the use of the fitness machines free of charge?
  91. Is there a swimming pool in the hotel?
  92. Until when is the swimming pool open?
  93. Does the hotel have any facilities for children? Is there a playroom for children in the hotel?
  94. What facilities for the handicapped does the hotel have?
  95. Are pets allowed in the hotel?
  96. Does the hotel offer any excursions around the city?
  97. Does the hotel provide a shuttle bus to the airport? Do I need to reserve a seat on the bus in advance?
  98. The bus for the airport leaves from the hotel entrance every two hours. Advance reservation of the seats is required.
  99. There are no towels / soap / shampoo / toilet paper in the bathroom. Can you send them up, please?
  100. The bathroom light / the TV / the heating / the air conditioner in my room doesn't work.
  101. There is no stationery / TV program / Room Service menu in my room.
  102. Can you give me a wake-up call at 7:00 a.m., please? 
  103. How do I get to the airport / to the city center / to the photo exhibition from the hotel?
  104. Could you call a taxi for me, please?
  105. Could you recommend good toy stores and gift shops not far from here?
  106. Could you reserve a table for dinner for me, please? I'd like a table for four people for 7:00 p.m.
  107. Is there a laundromat near the hotel?
  108. I feel sick. Is there a doctor in the hotel? Could you find a doctor for me, please?

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