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Sexual Stimulation: Factors and Excitement

Sexual Stimulation

Sexual stimulation is any stimulus (including physical contact) that causes, enhances and maintains sexual arousal, and may lead to orgasm.

Although sexual arousal may arise without physical stimulation, achieving orgasm usually requires physical sexual stimulation.

What are the sexual stimulating factors?

The term sexual stimulation often involves stimulation of the genitals, but may also include stimulation of other areas of the body, stimulation of the senses (such as sight or hearing) and mental stimulation (ie from reading or imagining).

Adequate stimulation of the penis in males and clitoris in females usually causes an orgasm. stimuli such as:

  • Intimate talk
  • Foreplay
  • Seduction in all its forms
  • Healthy foods
  • Exercising in general
  • Personal cleanliness
  • Massage sessions
  • Physical sexual stimulation
  • Genitals
  • Non-genital stimulation such as sight and hearing
  • Intrinsic Stimulation: The Excitation Transmission Theory of Sexual Arousal
  • Alternative methods according to the couple and the culture between them
  • mental stimulation
  • Fantasy and dreams
  • Sex role playing

A note that both spouses must know, renewal in these factors stimulates sexual desire.

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