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Sexual Frigidity Causes and Treatment

Sexual Frigidity

Persistent and recurring problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm, or pain that disturb or strain your relationship with your partner are known as frigidity, as opposed to ED.

Definition of sexual frigidity

The word cold has traditionally been used to describe a variety of behaviours, from general coldness of style or lack of interest in physical affection to aversion to the act of intercourse.

Because of the degrading connotations that have come to be associated with the term frigidity, it has been replaced in the vocabulary of sex therapists by the general term hypogyneismus, the inability to experience a sexual response of any kind.

Causes of sexual frigidity

It differs from man to woman and also differs in treatment, but in this article I write in general, often it is frigidity or the discovery of sex problems after marriage, so the content is aimed at married people.

Sexual frigidity treatment

Treatment depends on the cause that led to the occurrence of the condition and comes as follows:

  • Understanding, frankness, talking and finding solutions together.
  • Starting with the initiative and going towards the other enhances desire.
  • Fun, surprise and innovation in bed and in everyday life.
  • Seduction, sometimes with tenderness and romance and at other times with warmth and excitement.
  • Availability and presence of the other.
  • Participation in hobbies, responsibilities, worries and laughter.
  • Laughing in order to reduce the seriousness of some situations and circumstances.
  • Candid reciprocal communication, built on trust and passion.
  • Expressing feelings as well as aspirations, desires and needs.
  • Listening intently to another's need, desire, or preference.
  • Stop watching porn.
  • Doing exercise.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Face any emotional barriers.
  • Focus, think and sexual fantasies with your partner and not on other people.
  • Comprehensive examination by the doctor.

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