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Phrases to Describe Computer Problems and Other Technical Problems

Phrases to Describe Computer Problems

In this lesson we will look at computers and electrical appliances when they have problems and ways to solve and fix them.

Phrases to describe computer problems

We have compiled some of the most common English phrases and expressions to describe computer problems other technical problems.

  1. My children are always using their computers and are more expert than I am and so they can help me overcome a problem.
  2. The reason that I am writing a letter to you is that I have a virus or whatever on my computer system.
  3. When on-line it suddenly appears and tells you that you have sixty seconds to go before the system shuts down.
  4. The seconds start ticking away on the screen from sixty downwards to nil.
  5. When it reaches this point the screen "freezes" and the computer is not able to continue. So, you have to turn off the computer and start all over again.
  6. Because the screen "freezes", whatever you were working on at that time is then lost forever.
  7. I have telephoned the company where I purchased our computer and they gave me advise on what to do.
  8. I tried to carry out the procedures that they said were necessary but, with my poor knowledge of how computer systems operate, I quickly failed to progress very far...
  9. I will have to take my computer to the shop where I have purchased it and request that they sort out my problem.
  10. Presumably if I tried to e-mail you I could be sending the virus on to you also.
  11. We are getting lots of messages regarding products that we do not like and do not want to know about.
  12. Somehow people get hold of our e-mail address and send rubbish to it.
  13. My computer kept letteing me down so we were in need of something newer.
  14. My brother has the "know how" on fixing broken computers.
  15. We purchased a laptop computer - much more compact and ideal for letter writing.
  16. These are the wonders of laptop technology.
  17. Letter writing, keeping accounts etc. this is probably all we will now need a computer for.
  18. A digital camera is an ideal "companion" for the lap top computer on which I can "download" my photographic efforts.
  19. Each evening we were viewing the photos that we took during the day instantly deleting the ones that we did not want.
  20. We have not learned how to do this on the e-mail yet.
  21. This is the first letter brought to you by the wonders of laptop technology.
  22. We are amazed at how compact it is but also surprised how heavy it is.
  23. It stops operating whilst it is being used.
  24. Our replacement is a laptop computer that is more compact.
  25. The laptop is able to carry out all of the functions that we reqire to do.
  26. I bought a camera mostly with the money that was donated to me from my company.
  27. There will be many more photographs to follow in the future.
  28. A digital camera is an ideal "companion" for the laptop computer.
  29. We have now satellite television and are absolutely amazed at the large choice of programmes that are available.
  30. The problem with cable television it’s that you have to dig up the pavements to take a line into each houshold that wants it.
  31. The advantage of it is that telephone connections and internet links can also be made on the cable at a cheaper rate than through the normal Telecom network.
  32. My computer problems continue - this is the second attempt that I am making to communicate with you.
  33. I get close to the end and then it all disappears off of the screen.
  34. A friend recommended that I take it to a Computer expert to get it corrected.
  35. My friend thinks that my whole system needs to be downloaded and re-set.
  36. At the moment, if I do anything on the computer, I always print what I have done in case it gets lost in the computer.

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