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How to Make Dry and Ground Ginger

How to Make Dry and Ground Ginger

Ginger is so strong and distinctive that leaving it out of the recipe or substituting it with other spices will dramatically change the flavor of the final dish.

While fresh ginger and dry ginger don't taste exactly the same, you can successfully use dried ginger to replace its fresh version in many dishes.

How to make dry ginger?

1. Making dry ginger in the oven

  • Wash the ginger root. Peel them carefully to remove the outer shell without damaging the underlying rootstock.
  • Slice the ginger to make slices between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick.
  • Try to make the pieces of the same size and thickness to ensure even drying.
  • Place the slides on a wire rack.
  • Make sure the slices are arranged so that no two pieces are touching.
  • Pat the slices with a dry paper towel to remove excess moisture. Then place the wire rack inside the oven.

Set the oven to its lowest setting and leave the oven door slightly open. If necessary, roll a piece of aluminum foil into a rectangular tube and secure it between the oven and the door to keep it open.

The goal is to maintain an internal oven temperature of 130 to 140 degrees.

Bake the ginger for about 3 hours or until the ginger slices are dry. 

To speed up the drying process grate the ginger instead of slicing it. Spread the grated ginger on wire screens or baking sheets and place in the oven as directed.

  • Remove the dry ginger from the oven and allow the pieces to cool completely.
  • Keep dry ginger in plastic food storage bags or airtight, moisture-proof containers for up to one year.

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2. Making dry ginger in the sun

Take advantage of the sun if you live in a hot, dry climate and dry ginger using solar energy.

Lift the ginger leaves and place them in a sunny location.

Cover the ginger with screens and let the sun work.

Bring the ginger overnight and repeat the next day, if necessary.

This method is not recommended if you live in an area with relative humidity above 60 percent or temperatures below 85 degrees. NB:

  • It may take a day or two to dry ginger in the sun during the hot summer.
  • It may take more than a week or more to dry in a cool place with a good breeze.
  • We do not recommend drying it during the rainy season to avoid fungus problems.

3. Make dry ginger in the microwave

How to dry ginger within minutes using the microwave:

  • Cut fresh ginger into slices, and make slices 1/8 inch thick.
  • Try to keep the pieces the same size so they dry uniformly. Put about 90g of ginger slices for 10-12 minutes in a standard 600W microwave oven.

Some information indicates that an important active ingredient in ginger called shogaol, is produced more when ginger is dried.

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How to make ground ginger

1. Make ground ginger using dry ginger

Once you buy dry ginger or if you have dry ginger that is homemade, put it in a blender after chopping it, then put it in a sieve, spread the mixture on a tissue or a plate to cool completely and store in an airtight box.

If you have large portions left in the sieve, crush them and pass them through the sieve. Repeat until you get the most amount.

2. Make ground ginger using fresh ginger

Put the fresh ginger root in a bowl, soak it in water for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse it well under running water to completely remove the dirt. 

Cut it into small pieces using a sharp knife.

The smaller the pieces, the faster it will dry.

Dry the dry ginger on a plate either in the hot sun or in a dryer.

Once it is completely dry, use a dry blender or food processor to grind the ginger into a fine powder.

Sift the powder and let the powder cool to room temperature.

Before storing it in an airtight box.

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