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Sexual Frigidity in Women Causes and Treatment

Sexual Frigidity

Dear reader, if you read a lot of articles, topics or even research, you will find that frigidity is more common in women than men to a certain degree.

That's why it's important to share your concerns with your partner and your doctor.

Causes that lead to sexual frigidity in women

Desire is a prerequisite for consensual sex. Sexually arousing partners can be more compatible or less compatible, and compromise is often necessary to ensure mutual satisfaction.

If a person with a high sex drive has a partner with a low sex drive, masturbation may be a good option to satisfy cravings without overwhelming their partner with unwanted attention.

In accordance with instinct and custom, the husband’s condition in intercourse with his wife is that he is the student and the woman is the one who is required and that he is stronger in lust, more eager and less impatient, unlike the woman who is weaker in lust and more patient.

Among the causes of sexual frigidity in women are:

  • Painful intercourse.
  • Unhealthy eating.
  • The inability of a man to arouse.
  • Her libido was suppressed.
  • Repetitive routine in practice.
  • The psychological, physical or moral factor.
  • Fear, anxiety or shock.
  • Frequent problems with the husband.

The wife’s frigidity is represented by a decrease in the sexual drive and the absence of a response to the stimulus in the woman, or the failure to reach orgasm and feel pleasure and interact with the husband during sexual intercourse.

In this case the woman may engage in intercourse with her husband simply as part of her duty towards him, but she does not reach orgasm even though she enjoys it, as well as a reluctance to engage in any sexual activity and a lack of interest in it.

Symptoms of frigidity in women

Symptoms vary depending on the type of sexual dysfunction you have:

  • Loss of sexual desire in women.
  • Inability of a woman to respond and arouse during sexual intercourse.
  • The enemy of a woman reaching orgasm (orgasm) during sexual intercourse.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia).

Treatment of frigidity in women

Physical and emotional changes upon exposure to the stimulus during sexual activity, and this is controlled by the mind (thoughts and emotions) of both spouses, and the body by the nervous system, blood circulation, and endocrine glands to be able to perform the relationship in a healthy and satisfactory manner.

Therefore, sex has become more and more an essential factor in married life, and an essential element for its continuity. The treatment is as follows:

  • Be honest with your wife without putting pressure on her and look for solutions together.
  • Do not turn to her mother, it may cause a backlash.
  • Gradually restore your sexual relationship: make time for massages, foreplay, small games, sharing, affection, without your wife feeling compelled to reach a full relationship with penetration.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene, such as the smell of the mouth, shaving body hair and showering.
  • Do not practice insertion quickly, it must be joking and laughter in any way.
  • Make a change in the practice of sexual relations.
  • Help your wife come to terms with her body.
  • Consistently express your attraction to her (without sexual purpose) Vernin is a transmitter of eroticism and love, and a factor of seduction for a woman.
  • Do a regular sporting activity together, as sport helps your wife regain her physical fitness and brings you closer, and sports stimulates the femininity hormone.

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