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Sexual Frigidity in Men Causes and Treatment

Frigidity in Men

The sexual response involves a complex interplay of physiology, emotions, experiences, beliefs, lifestyle, and relationships. Disabling any component can affect sexual desire, arousal or satisfaction, and treatment often involves more than one approach.

Causes of frigidity in men

Desire is a prerequisite for consensual sex. Sexually arousing partners can be more compatible or less compatible, and compromise is often necessary to ensure mutual satisfaction.

Most studies and research say that women are more prone to frigidity than men, but sex problems are more diverse in men, as we also mentioned about the problem of sexual frigidity.

Among the causes of sexual frigidity in men:

  • Unhealthy eating.
  • The wife's inability to arouse.
  • My husband's libido suppressed.
  • Repetitive routine in practice.
  • The psychological, physical or moral factor.
  • Fear, anxiety or shock.
  • Frequent problems with the wife.
  • The wife's uncleanliness.

Symptoms of frigidity in men

There are many reasons that cause a man to feel apathy and sexual frigidity, whether they are physical or psychological, including the following:

  • Decreased sexual desire, or prolonged abstinence from sexual intercourse.
  • Inability to maintain an erection for a long time.
  • Failure to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.
  • Reaching orgasm after a very long time despite the excitement and stimulation.
  • Not reaching orgasm except through masturbation.
  • Persistent erection without any sexual stimulation or arousal.

Treatment of frigidity in men

A number of methods that help treat frigidity in men, the most important of which are:

  • Looking for solutions together.
  • Talk to the husband about these matters without embarrassment.
  • Restore your sexual relationship gradually, such as allocating time for massages, petting, small games, sharing, affection, without making your husband feel compelled to reach a full relationship.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene, such as the smell of the mouth, shaving body hair and showering.
  • Bringing about change and conditions in the practice of sexual relations.
  • Help your husband to reconcile with his body and penis, and that he does not have any problems during intercourse.
  • Consistently express your attraction to him (without a sexual goal) with words, sexual arousal, love, and seduction factors.
  • Do a regular sporting activity together, as sport helps your husband regain his physical fitness and stimulates the male hormone.
  • Take care of healthy food and vitamins.

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