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15 English Phrases for Work and Career

English Phrases for Work and Career

The sentence contains the basic elements that make it a sentence: the subject, the verb, and the complete thought. 

English phrases for work and professions

Therefore, one of the quick ways to learn English is through sentences, and these sentences are said in work and professions:

  1. To resolve some queries on a particular large project.
  2. My employer took me out for a good lunch.
  3. I assume that all is progressing well.
  4. This is very good news.
  5. This would not cause us any problems at all.
  6. We look forward to hearing from you again on this situation.
  7. I was tidying up our study last week.
  8. It appears to be.
  9. I spent more time going over things than actually producing new work.
  10. To be familiar with something to sort out one\'s problem.
  11. My expertise is constantly in demand.
  12. I am very busy at work at the moment trying to complete important projects.
  13. We would not have ignored your situation, if we were aware of it.
  14. Against all my earlier predictions I am now getting so excited about it and I am counting the following months.
  15. I promise not mention it to you again until next year when it becomes a reality.

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