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49 English Phrases for Health Care

English Phrases for Health Care

In this article, we present sentences related to health. In life, we all have health problems. Almost every day we have a problem or other health issue that forces us to go to the doctor.

English phrases for health care

Here are the most common health care English idioms and phrases that will enrich your English vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker:

  1. Older people should keep a close eye on their health if they want to have a long life.
  2. It has been medically proven that one or two glasses of Herbs a day is good for you also.
  3. Two weeks ago my mother suffered two strokes.
  4. So, we have the task of locating and transferring her to a nursing home.
  5. The antbiotics have "done their job" in putting one back to normal.
  6. We hope that the antibiotics have „done their job “in putting you back to normal.
  7. You were unfortunate to make contact with a person with the virus.
  8. Many people are currently enquiring at their doctors when they can have the influenza injection.
  9. He is still in excellent health.
  10. We are worried about his bad health.
  11. The doctor said his overall health is good.
  12. He made some suggestions for maintaining his long-term health.
  13. We're concerned with his physical health.
  14. They are discussing environmental health.
  15. This disease is a threat to public health.
  16. He enjoys good health despite his age.
  17. He eats good food to maintain his health.
  18. They are finding ways to improve public health.
  19. The campaign promotes good health.
  20. He's trying to regain his health.
  21. Smoking will harm your health.
  22. They are monitoring his health.
  23. Her health is slowly failing.
  24. They want to increase access to health care.
  25. The health department issued a warning about the flu.
  26. That is a major health hazard.
  27. There are many health benefits from exercising.
  28. Health education is important.
  29. They are opening a community health center.
  30. They issued a health warning because of the smoke in the air.
  31. He eats nothing but health food.
  32. He appears healthy.
  33. He is trying to stay healthy.
  34. Changes to her diet are making her healthy.
  35. He has always been extremely healthy.
  36. The doctor said she is perfectly healthy.
  37. His diet is reasonably healthy.
  38. She was tired but otherwise healthy.
  39. He tries to stay mentally healthy.
  40. The company is financially healthy.
  41. We are looking for healthy options.
  42. He has a healthy appetite.
  43. She just hopes for a healthy baby.
  44. They ate a healthy breakfast.
  45. She tries to keep a healthy diet.
  46. We are experiencing healthy growth.
  47. They have a healthy relationship.
  48. This is not a healthy situation.
  49. There should be a healthy balance between work and free time.

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