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English Phrases About Weather and Seasons

English Phrases About Weather and Seasons

Seasons and weather vocabulary are phrases that you can practice daily and are very useful. Worth the time to learn these words.

Phrases about weather and seasons in English

Here are the most common English idioms and phrases for ritual adverbs that will enrich your English vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker:

  1. ... a long period without any appreciable rainfall.
  2. Have experienced floods because so much rain came in a very short time.
  3. Good weather is the main ingredient of an enjoyable holiday.
  4. Weather here is very unpredictable.
  5. A warm current without which it would be much cooler.
  6. ... a large land mass to give more settled weather.
  7. We felt that we were in a "different world".
  8. Do not forget your umbrella before you go outside. It is raining cats and dogs!
  9. I'm not going on holiday this year, but every cloud has a silver lining, as I'm able to spend more time with my family at home
  10. This is the earliest that we have had snow for many years.
  11. It was all gone by the next day.
  12. Mike thinks he is going to pass his exams without studying. He has his head in the clouds!
  13. We had the worst weather on record.
  14. ... to experience record high temperatures.
  15. The weather is still very unseasonable.
  16. Mankind is often fighting a losing battle when he is up against the natural elements.
  17. I don't think this flu scare is serious. It is a storm in a teacup.
  18. There are many theories linking this to global warming.
  19. The theories of global warming are being questioned.
  20. Mike is snowed under with work. He cannot come and watch the game with us tonight.
  21. You could tell Maria was angry. She had a face like thunder!
  22. The cloud was very dark, almost black in colour and it soon became apparent that it was moving towards us getting bigger and bigger.
  23. Can we take a rain check on our cinema date? I have too much homework.
  24. I know you want to become a famous footballer but don't chase rainbows! It is very hard and you are just not good enough.
  25. By now three or four more cars had seen this phenomena and arrived at this lonely spot to investigate.
  26. Hazel did not come into work today. She was feeling under the weather.
  27. It soon became obvious that this was a tornado or a whirlwind, what the Americans call a „twister“.
  28. As you can see this weather is a very infrequent event in this country.
  29. Summer season is now under way.
  30. It’s freezing today, don’t you think?
  31. Absolutely! I think it’s around 15 degrees below zero.
  32. Hopefully, it doesn’t snow.
  33. Oh, I hope it does! I love snow!
  34. My classmate stole my thunder when he told the teacher that he did all the work on the presentation.
  35. The autumn season almost appears to have been by-passed.
  36. As if overnight, we seem to be plunged into the start of winter with low temperatures.
  37. She has been on cloud nine since getting married.
  38. There are many theories linking this to global warming.
  39. What’s the weather like today?
  40. What’s the weather like in your country?
  41. How’s the weather?
  42. What’s the temperature today?
  43. What’s the weather forecast?
  44. Such beautiful weather today, isn’t it?
  45. Are you a hot weather person or a cold weather person?
  46. It’s hot/cold outside.
  47. It’s cloudy outside. It might rain soon!
  48. It’s raining cats and dogs!
  49. Beautiful day, isn’t it?
  50. Yeah, the sun has been shining all day! It’s been a while since we had such lovely weather in England.
  51. You’re right! It’s pretty hot today.
  52. Yes! A great day for a nice picnic.
  53. A storm is coming.
  54. It’s sunny outside but with a cool breeze.
  55. It’s looking like it’ll be as cold as 5 degrees this morning.
  56. The sun is shining outside.
  57. The weather’s nice today.
  58. Can you believe how cold it is outside?! It’s freezing!
  59. It’s going to be hot this Sunday, should we go to the beach?
  60. November this year has been warmer than usual.
  61. The theories of global warming are being questioned.
  62. The rainy season.
  63. The plant flowers in late summer.
  64. So, what’s the weather like in your country?
  65. It depends on the region. We have all four seasons.
  66. And what region are you from?
  67. I’m from Tenerife. It’s always hot and sunny there!
  68. I love hot weather! I bet I’d be very happy there.
  69. They spend the summer abroad.
  70. The golden summer of her life.
  71. Summer is coming.
  72. In early summer.
  73. Summer vacation.
  74. It was a long hot summer.
  75. Birds wintering in the Caribbean.
  76. This exam is going to be a breeze.
  77. The tree has a good crop of berries in winter.
  78. Winter clothes.
  79. a winter morning.
  80. I will play football tonight come rain or shine.
  81. In the depths of winter.
  82. Stone walls provide shelter from wind and weather.
  83. It's going to get very busy tomorrow. Today is the calm before the storm.

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