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Effective Ways to Choose Your Online Presence

Effective Ways to Choose Your Online Presence

In this article, we'll show you all the ways to build your online presence - from websites and social networks, to local online business directories and review sites.

What is the importance of a digital presence?

And we are all aware of the importance of the digital presence today, and perhaps the most prevalent way to enter the digital world is through a website.

Websites have witnessed radical developments with the passage of time, as the first websites were just advertising brochures on the Internet that know their owners, the services they provide and their place.

Today, websites can offer visitors much more, such as doing research, talking to experts, reading customer reviews, watching videos, purchasing goods, tracking their order flow, and many other services.

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How to use digital presence in websites

And if you decide to build a website, you should think carefully about how you can ensure that that website supports your business goals.

We have an entire article that we will talk about soon on this topic.

It is not surprising to build a business on the Internet without a website.

For example, suppose you own a sweets store, your focus will be on enabling customers to find you online, with or without a website.

Remember the last time you craved carrot cake? You may have searched the Internet for a “sweet shop near you” and browsed through your options.

The search results certainly included local store websites and good choices in local directories.

Some businesses are adopting local directories to boost their online presence, using products like “Google My Business” and “Bing Places for Business.”

These types of directories provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to publish their own data, such as descriptions of Reviews, maps and photos.

These directories are often free and are the best way to help your business appear on results pages when users search for services or products related to your industry.

In addition to local directories, it is also possible to create a review site for your business where customers can give their opinions and impressions, and you can respond to and interact with them.

Positive reviews greatly contribute to your business's competitive position.

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How to use the digital presence in social networks

You can also use social networks to build your online presence. Even today, business owners from all over the world are using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages as a complement to, or sometimes even an alternative to, their website.

Another way to reach customers on the Internet is through mobile apps. Who among us does not have a mobile phone or tablet device on applications and games.

So what do you think about creating an app for your business and offering it to customers?

What distinguishes the applications is that they constitute effective platforms for interacting with customers, as they take advantage of the distinctive features of mobile devices such as the Global Positioning System “GPS”, maps, and telephone.

For example, if a customer installed your app on their mobile phone and one day happened to pass by your store, the app might take notice thanks to GPS and send a special offer to the customer to encourage them to visit the store.

It is also possible to provide an order reservation service through the application, so that the customer, upon arrival at the store, can receive his order immediately without having to wait and pay easily by clicking on the accounts box on his phone.

On the other hand, apps are sometimes used as loyalty tools and encourage existing customers to visit your store regularly, perhaps to get a free cup of coffee with that carrot cake.


Whether you use a website, local directories, social networks, mobile apps, or all of the above, the key to success lies in defining what you want customers to do, and then building the right platform to achieve those goals.

Digital for your store is your space to connect with customers on the Internet.

We have subsequent articles covering all of these topics, but below we'll focus on the basics of a website, such as how sites work, how to choose and register an appropriate domain name, how to align your needs with those of your online visitors and support your business goals. Read more articles to learn all this and more.

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