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Learn 57 Common English Phrases

Common English Phrases

Speaking English can be difficult and intimidating - even for native speakers. However, there are many phrases that you can use over and over again in your daily life.

Common English phrases

If you learn and practice these phrases, you will begin to feel more comfortable speaking English with friends, colleagues or strangers.

  1. My friend is good at playing football.
  2. She complains about bullying.
  3. They are afraid of losing the match.
  4. She doesn't feel like working on the computer.
  5. We are looking forward to going out at the weekend.
  6. Aya dreams of living on a small island.
  7. Fathi apologized for being late.
  8. I don't agree with hunting.
  9. The girls insisted on going out with Fatma.
  10. Mustafa often thinks of climbing trees.
  11. I'm afraid of losing my smartphone.
  12. She's looking forward to seeing her brother.
  13. He is responsible for collecting the money.
  14. She is used to going to bed late.
  15. He apologized for being late.
  16. Fathi never worries about making friends.
  17. We are tired of waiting for the bus.
  18. She insisted on talking to her lawyer.
  19. You should give up bullying your sister.
  20. They are thinking about moving to Italy.
  21. I can't imagine Fathi going by bike.
  22. He agreed to buy a new car.
  23. The question is easy to answer.
  24. The man asked me how to get to the airport.
  25. I look forward to seeing you at the weekend.
  26. Are you thinking of visiting London?
  27. We decided to run through the forest.
  28. The teacher expected Sarah to study hard.
  29. She doesn't mind working the night shift.
  30. I learned to ride the bike at the age of 5.
  31. We decided to buy a new car.
  32. They've got some work to do.
  33. Peter gave up smoking.
  34. I enjoy writing picture postcards.
  35. Do you know what to do if there's a fire in the shop?
  36. Avoid making silly mistakes.
  37. My parents wanted me to be home at 11 o'clock.
  38. I dream about building a big house.
  39. I'm hoping to see Aya.
  40. Dancing is great fun.
  41. She hates going out at night.
  42. Cooking is my hobby.
  43. Smoking is bad for your health.
  44. Do you enjoy swimming?
  45. Doing homework is boring.
  46. My favourite activity is using my smartphone
  47. Why don't you like writing essays?
  48. What he really likes is going by bike.
  49. He likes reading books.
  50. He is reading books.
  51. Reading books can be great fun.
  52. He is interested in reading books.
  53. He was reading books.
  54. He has been reading books for two hours.
  55. Instead of reading books Fathi went to bed.
  56. Do you like reading books?
  57. His hobby is reading books.

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