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12 Affectionate Behaviors Between Spouses

Affectionate Behaviors Between Spouses

Dear readers, there are many points of desire and love that I can write to you, and your unleashing among you and the desire that makes you happy.

Any verbal or non-verbal expression that expresses interest, lack of concern, or affection is presented frequently and on a regular and changing basis that reinforces affectionate behaviors between couples, and each husband and wife have their own way and style between them.

Effects of affectionate behaviors between spouses

The effects of affectionate behaviors between a couple hugging or kissing releases a mixture of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin (chemicals that facilitate bonding), and lowers cortisol levels (which reduces stress and anxiety), which promotes more emotional behavior.

Likewise, sexual intimacy increases the desire for more sexual intimacy.

American researchers revealed that women are more likely to hug than men because they are more genetically prepared to be more affectionate.

At the same time, researchers said, women inherit about 45 percent of their desires, with the remaining 55 percent due to environmental factors, including media, personal relationships and unique life experiences.

Some affectionate behaviors between spouses

Small acts of kindness can be called affectionate behaviors between spouses.

Things like taking warm towels for your partner after a shower, surprising your partner with a gift, traveling, etc., are excellent examples of nurturing behaviors.

These seemingly small caring behaviors are the lifeblood of a relationship; They give both partners frequent signals that they are appreciated and that the relationship is important.

Here are some points:

  1. Hugging, anytime and anywhere inside the house, even while doing housework.
  2. Kissing, at any time and any place inside the house, inadvertently or by barter.
  3. Husband harassed, also at any time and any place inside the house, while passing by or going to you.
  4. Harassment of the wife, often with her looks, clothes, words, hands, or erotic movements.
  5. Eating and drinking, such as eating and drinking together in a romantic way, and a lot of favorite foods, and you can do the previous points while eating and drinking.
  6. Playing together, you can play games that promote closeness and laughter among you.
  7. Hiking, you can go out for a walk with or without the children for hours, and it has good psychological effects for the couple.
  8. Talk, this is a very important point, you should talk to each other about everything like “what happened during work, family problems, cultural information” Make your day not pass without talking to each other as friends because this enhances emotional attachment.
  9. Dealing in front of others, dealing in front of others with respect for each other, looks and words like and especially for you enhance emotional bonds.
  10. Problems, not speaking nervously or arguing in front of children, can be in discussion and disagreement, not arguing, you can solve problems in general, calmly and control feelings.
  11. Listening and listening, you should hear each other even if you don't like the topic.
  12. Hobbies, support your partner in his pursuit of his favorite hobby, even if it is not your favorite, organize extra time to work on his hobby.

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