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Why Comics Eembody Life Experiences

Why Comics Eembody Life Experiences

Storyboards are a great way to visually discover ideas and experiences. Storyboards don't require drawing skills, but rather a way to share ideas.

The role of storyboards and commonly used genres

Comics have long been used in the film industry. It not only helps to improve the script, but also helps to save time and budget when shooting the movie in real life.

This also applies to your design projects. Like any design tool, there are many ways to create storyboards.

Think of a storyboard as a single frame of a single scene in which you express all your thoughts in one picture. You can also set up a series of frames or boxes that guide you step by step.

An example of using storyboards within an individual setting is when setting goals. Here's the idea if you want to make a storyboard for the first time.

Imagine your future a year from now. What does that scene look like to you? Draw this scene and add a title to it.

It is also useful to add the date to use as a reference point. Gathering too much information can be exhausting. So, it's a good idea to memorize the history of your scene design.

How to use storyboards

Storyboards are usually used in the early stages of design, but it's important to revisit them throughout the design process to make sure you're in line with the goals you set.

In addition to visualizing your ideas, storyboards help you generate ideas with your team and communicate with stakeholders and all those involved in the process.

The fun thing about the comics is that you can never predict the course of a project. One of the things I love to do while working on my comics is to document my work.

It helps me find it easily later and I can use it for presentations or promotions. As I said before, I'm not a good painter, but what matters here are the ideas.

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