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How to Stimulate a Mind Map to Discover Ideas

How to Stimulate a Mind Map to Discover Ideas

A mind map is a useful way to come up with ideas and find connections between them. Mind maps can be used to remember information you know, i.e.

prepare an existing structure or come up with a completely new idea to get as many ideas as possible.

It is not a complicated process but rather helps you to search for the information you want.

How to make a mind map

Well, let's start with pen and paper. They are my favorite tools. It is usually best to start with a topic you know well so I suggest you start with yourself. Put your name in a circle in the middle of the page.

Start in the middle and gradually expand. In general, I prefer to work clockwise but you can adopt any other method that works for you.

Oftentimes, this process can get messy. You can start over and it's also okay to make mistakes, drop points, or even get an imperfect map.

Well, let's start with your life. Think about your interests, ambitions, studies and professional experience.

Unleash your ideas and start listing them from the middle of the circle to highlight these different interests.

One of the reasons I love a mind map is that it helps connect ideas in ways you would never have thought possible.

When I made my mind map, I realized that my background in anthropology is directly linked to much of my recent work in design thinking.

It's okay if you don't have a traditional background, but focus on the valuable assets you add to your professional experience.

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