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How to Master the Art of Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Welcome to this introductory article on public speaking. I assume you are reading this article because you want to give a speech soon or because you want to improve your speaking skills in general.

How to become a better public speaker

Regardless of your profession, you may have the opportunity to give a speech one day, whether at a small meeting with just five people or at a large conference of 100 people.

Apart from a professional setting, you may be asked to give a speech at a party or a wedding, for example.

Whatever the situation, giving a public speech can be difficult. In fact, studies have shown that public speaking is one of the biggest fears for many people, and it can be hard to admit that.

You may fear that people will judge you or think that you are not qualified to do the job despite your extensive experience in your field.

If this is your case, you are in good hands. Even teachers and actors with years of experience get nervous before entering class or taking the stage.

But it is this tension, or energy in other words, that reminds them of their purpose in doing a good job and that there is a specific purpose for being there.

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How to overcome barriers to public speaking

I generally have to speak in public, on a podium, in front of the camera, or in a classroom.

The funny thing is that I am shy by nature. But after years of practicing and planning before every class or performance, I've learned how to control myself and can now use that positively.

When I give a speech, I imagine that I am performing in a theater and adopting a certain character or role depending on the subject I am speaking about.

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Depending on the audience in front of me, my tone is either serious or fun.

Giving a speech as if you were performing a theatrical performance helps you focus on the content of your speech. You don't need to be innately strong or sociable to make good public speaking.

The key to success for a good show or performance is preparation. Preparation allows you to focus on the topic, how to deliver, and the purpose of the speech.

After covering these key points, you will be better familiar with your topic.

This helps you deliver a shorter speech and helps reduce your fear of the unknown.

Not being afraid of the unknown means feeling less nervous and therefore more confident when giving your speech.

Tips and tools to improve your public speaking skills

Preparation is not only about being familiar with the content, but also physically preparing, preparing your vocal cords, and thinking positively. These points are also key to success.

Remember that our body and mind are two tools that help us transmit messages. The more you create these two tools, the more you get the audience's attention and focus.

We all start at a different level, but with the right tools anyone can become a good speaker.

Now, what is the first thing to do before giving a speech? The answer is to clearly define the purpose of the speech, and this is what we will address in the next content.

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