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6 Easy Ways to Organize Your Job Search

Organize Your Job Search

The Internet has many websites and tools to help you find a job. So, where do you start? How do you organize the job search process?

What are the steps to organize your job search?

The secret to “How to Organize Your Job Search” is to identify the most appropriate tools.

In this article, we will learn how to set up and track a job search to save time and find the right job faster. Here are some tools:

1. Think about the type of work that interests you

Before delving into the details of organizing the job search process, first think about the type of work that interests you to be the focus of your search. Choose three areas of interest, then select a few companies of your choice in these areas.

Set Google Alerts based on this list to get the latest news and articles on your chosen industries and companies right from your email.

This news may include unexpected job opportunities and information that you can use in job interviews to talk about the latest developments in the field.

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2. Browse online job sites

You can also browse online job sites, which you can find using a search engine. Because many of them are available online; We recommend that you take the same approach of choosing two or three of the sites that are most suitable for you.

But it is worth noting here that many vacancies are filled through personal relationships and interpersonal communication.

3. Expand your network

While applying for jobs online is an important step, it is also necessary to expand your network to achieve the desired success.

Tell your friends, family, and former colleagues that you are looking for a job.

Even if they work in a different field, one of them may help you find someone who works in the field that interests you.

4. Attend recruitment events

You can also attend events or conferences specialized in the field, as it provides an excellent opportunity to meet new contacts.

5. Use social media

A- Relationships with people. Many companies and their employees post job openings on social media before they are offered on recruitment sites; So it's a good idea to follow their profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

LinkedIn is at the forefront of the most business-focused social networks, and allows you to connect with others based on their jobs or the areas they work in.

This means that the content posted and shared on the Site may be of great interest to you. Make sure your relationships are industry-focused and support your career goals.

And when you meet new people in your daily life, immediately add them to your LinkedIn network while your relationship is still vital. This is a great way to keep the conversation going between the two of you.

B- Entering into groups. You can also search for LinkedIn groups or on any social networking sites, groups related to the jobs you are looking for, as these groups help in building bridges of communication between all individuals with common professional interests to discuss the latest developments in the field as well as share interesting content and jobs.

Feel free to join the conversations and share your opinions. This will enhance your presence in the group and may help you build new relationships.

6. Use a spreadsheet

When you start applying for jobs, it is important that you keep track of your applications; To ensure that any new developments are taken advantage of before it is too late.

All you have to do is set up a simple spreadsheet using programs like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. List the names of the companies you applied to, contact details, date of submission, time to follow up with, current status, “in progress”, “waiting for response”, etc.

Add a link to your application for easy reference whenever you like, and remember to update this spreadsheet as long as you continue to look for a job.

You can also set up a similar spreadsheet for your contacts, listing the person's name, company, contact details, how you met them, and whether you need to follow up with them.


This way you can save time and find the right job faster. All you have to do is decide what type of job or field is right for you, then focus your search on relevant jobs and be sure to connect with everyone who can help achieve your desired goals.

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