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How to Write an Effective Business Report

Business Report

When companies need to make informed decisions, they rely on business reports.

These reports use facts and data to analyze performance and make future recommendations. When you read this article, you will be able to learn the following:

How to draft and format a business report

At the decision-making stage, companies resort to preparing a business report. These reports include facts and research to study data, analyze performance and come up with future recommendations.

Business reports are characterized by their formal and objective formulation and inclusion of clear and reinforced facts with legal and approved sources, whether the report sheds light on an individual issue or the entire company.

Typical business report structure

First, add your name, contact information, and delivery date. We also recommend including an appropriate title for the report.

Second, supplement your report with background information on the topic of discussion, as well as a statement of the purpose of the report itself.

Third, in the Key Findings section, provide relevant facts and data using lists, tables, or other media to help you make your point. Be clear and precise, as the entire report revolves around this information.

Fourth, when reaching the conclusion of the report, summarize and interpret the main findings, identify issues discovered with the data, and answer any relevant questions.

Then make recommendations for desired solutions based on what you have provided. Try to stay objective, abstract and focused on the company's perspective.

Fifth, with regard to references, list the sources of all the data you used, to give the reader the opportunity to see the source of your information.

Sixth, some companies may require that an executive summary be included at the beginning of the report.

The executive summary contains background information, key findings, and recommendations, all in one section.

This helps the reader to know the highlights without reading the entire report.

Business reports can seem overwhelming, but you can create your own. Gather facts and present them in a structured manner to help your company make informed decisions.

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