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How to Choose and Find Pictures

How to Choose and Find Pictures

Did you know that pictures are more rooted in our brains than words? That's why I like the phrase “expression, not disclosure.” You can talk for a long time, but the images and scenes are more memorable.

The importance of visual content

I want you to consider this when choosing images for presentations, case studies, or your professional profile. You will see many pictures in your mind.

I want you to think as an editor:

  • Which one, two photos or group of photos really tells your story? And how can you use text to enhance these images?

Use a small caption rather than a long paragraph, and make sure the images and text blend together.

Where to find pictures

If you do not have your own photos, you can use ready-made photos online, and you can also use licensed photos that can be found on Flickr. Just be sure to see the attribution and the credits you need to use.

On a personal level, I feel proud when others approve of my work, so I always try to endorse and appreciate other people's work as well.

Another site you can visit when preparing a presentation is

This site has a huge library of icons and small illustrations. Whether you are a graphic designer or not, this site is really cool and an excellent resource to enrich your presentations.

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