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Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Technology

Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Technology

Having greater control over how you use technology will help you take advantage of all the benefits that technology has to offer without undesirably distracting from your goals.

The main advantages of a healthy relationship with technology

There is no doubt that maintaining healthy, healthy and balanced habits in the use of technology will be of great benefit to you.

In the workplace, technology can help us increase our focus and engagement at work.

When we are more present, we can be more productive and more effective in our work.

Sometimes we think we can do many things at once thanks to the multiple devices at our disposal, but multitasking is a bit of a myth.

There are many studies that show that our cognitive abilities decline significantly as people lose their attention when they switch from one screen to another.

Think about how many notifications you get all the time and how easily you get distracted by them.

We can measure this based on the chemicals our brains secrete as studies have shown that our dopamine levels rise when we follow up on incoming emails and notifications.

Research has found that unrestricted email notifications distract employees from work.

And each time an employee gets distracted, it takes him up to 25 minutes to get his focus back on the task he was originally doing.

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How this can help you improve your well-being

When it comes to our relationships with others, whether work or personal, it is sometimes helpful to set an appropriate limit to technology in order to be more mentally present and to be able to communicate with others better.

There is research that shows that using the phone while talking to another person reduces the quality of the conversation and shows a lack of interest or attention in the other person.

The best gift you can give another human being is to give them your full attention.

It is also important to stop using technology for a while to focus on your own feelings; This will help you sleep better and make you less stressed, less anxious, and happier.

Sometimes it is important to take a break and slow down our fast paced life so we can feel more energetic and productive when we use the internet again.

So, don't be afraid to take a break from time to time in order to return to the world of the internet with more awareness.

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