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How to Avoid Fillers in Your Presentation

How to Avoid Fillers in Your Presentation

Language is used to present an idea in a particular way. The approach adopted will change your audience's view of the content of your presentation.

What are filler phrases?

It is not enough to choose a style of speech that suits your audience, but you must also pay attention to the filler phrases. Filler phrases are words that you repeat without stopping or noticing.

They are usually connecting words, such as initially, in fact, and then and then, and sounds such as hmm, Haa, or small pauses in the breath.

How to be aware of filler phrases?

For example, I will imagine that my friend “Aya” is helping us.

So, Aya, I want you to look into the camera and tell us something you love the most. It could be a book, a series, or a scientist.

Well, um, I'm going to talk about Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud. Ummm, Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, Ummm, deals mainly with all the questions that deal with the meaning of human nature.

As, um, it mainly revolves around, um, about, um, the meaning of humanity, feelings and ideas um, and presents an optimistic and idealistic vision of the future.

Instead of breathing or using punctuation, “Aya” used a lot of fillers. To reduce the use of filler phrases in your speech, you first need to pay attention to them.

This way you can hear it first and then work on changing it. If you are not sure you are using these phrases, photograph yourself. Talk about a topic you didn't prepare for and talk in front of the camera.

How to reduce the use of fillers when giving a speech?

If your filler phrases are a group of words, prepare synonyms for them. And be sure to use these vocabulary as you speak. If the filler phrase is a group of sounds, pause and catch your breath instead of making these sounds.

Aya, would you please tell us your story again. But this time, try to avoid filler phrases.

Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud addresses fundamental questions about the meaning of human nature and our place in the world and presents an optimistic and idealistic vision for the future of humanity. This is what makes it so interesting.

This is much better. In general, the better you prepare for the content, the fewer fillers you will use. With practice and practice as you speak, you'll learn how to control filler phrases.

Preparation also helps you overcome stress and hesitation. It also helps you to improvise in a more effective way. Preparation is an excellent way to gradually eliminate any bad habits.

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