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While vs. During: The Difference With a Simple Explanation

The difference between while, during


While vs. During are similar in meaning, but use different grammar. The main difference between while and during in this article. 


While vs. During


Though both means two things are happening at the same time, but they have a big difference. See below:

1. Uses of "while"

We use "while" in actions that are or were occurring at the same time (the actions do not affect each other), examples:

  • I was listening to the radio while I was cleaning the kitchen.
  • Nothing much changed while he was away.

2. Uses of "during"

"During" is used in something that happens from the beginning to the end of a period or some time between. The word "during" is a preposition followed by a noun. Examples:

  • I went shopping during my lunch break.
  • The restaurant is open during the day.

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