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9 Ways to Improve English Vocabulary

Improve English Vocabulary

You need to know improve English vocabulary in order to speak English fluently, just imagine that you are talking with your friend now, are you finding it difficult to remember the words?

There are more and more known ways to improve English vocabulary, but the best of them is to follow your own way of memorizing and understanding. And through us, we offer you some ways.


Ways to improve English vocabulary


Here we have listed some important strategies for building and improving English vocabulary:


1- Reading

Read as often as you can. The more you read, the more you know new words, so get in the habit of reading as often as you can.


2- Use an English dictionary

There are many dictionaries available in the market, but for beginners it is always good to use one that gives the meaning of the word in your local language, it is only good for beginners.

For intermediate and advanced learners English to English dictionaries are recommended.


3. Online synonyms and antonyms

Do you know synonyms and antonyms? If not and you want to improve English vocabulary, it's time to learn more about synonyms and antonyms, and of course you'll also want to use them in sentences and phrases. Online Synonyms is the best resource for learning similar and opposite words.


4. Learn homophones and homonyms

Remember that each single word can have multiple meanings, so be sure to understand the different meanings conveyed by a particular word.


5- Use words in different ways

They can be used in different ways, and the word can be used as a verb, as a noun or an adjective, so be careful when you learn new words, you need to know how to make use of these words in sentences as well.


6- Learn to create sentences using new words

Learning to create new sentences using the new words you know is a great way to improve your vocabulary, learning and memorizing it. This will give you a chance to become more experienced with new words.


7- Build your own personal dictionary

It is always suggested to create your own dictionary, keep a record of all the new words you come across or read in your personal book, blogging will become a source of reference for you as well.


8- Play word games

Did you know that there are a lot of websites where you can play word games? Yes, there are many sites that can help you learn new words in a fun way to improve English vocabulary. Just search online using the word “word games” and you will find many of them.


9- English vocabulary sheets

Did you know that there are English Vocabulary worksheets that you can download for free? Yes, you can find some free schema for English vocabulary, which is a good resource.


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