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The 2 Most Popular Ways to Advertise Online

Advertise Online

Ready to learn about the two most popular ways to advertise online? These two methods are:

And while both can help your business, they are very different. Let's see how these two types of ads work, where they appear, and what they look like so you know how to use them in the best way.

How does search engine advertising and display advertising work?


Imagine you've just finished watching the latest James Bond movie, and feel like hearing some movie reviews.

You open a search engine and type “movie review podcasts”. What does that tell us about you?

Well, we can see that you know what you want, that you are looking for it precisely and that is exactly what advertisers do with search engine marketing; To reach potential customers while they are searching for something.

This is what usually happens: people tell search engines what they want online, and advertisers pay for their ads to appear in response to the words and phrases people are searching for, that is why advertise online is important and popular.

For example, a person who uses a search engine to find podcasts about a movie review is an almost certain potential customer, and this is the perfect time to tell them about your discs.

This is the difference between search engine advertising and display ads, which are targeted at someone who is not necessarily looking for business.

A business similar to yours, or shows interest in the products or services you offer.


How ads appear on search engines and display advertising


In the real world, display ads are like billboards or magazine ads. People may not have been searching for your product or service on purpose.

But choosing the right location for your billboards, or the right versions to place your ads on, can help you appear in front of the right groups of people who might they care about your business.

In the world of advertise online, that means finding websites where your potential customers are likely to be, or targeting people who have demonstrated specific interests through the sites they visit or other online behavior.

For example, in our podcast example, your ideal customer might be reading movie blogs, or searching for local movie programming; So these places may be the ones you need to show them your online "banners".

Another difference between display ads and search engine ads is where the ads appear.

Let's say someone is looking for a podcast to criticize a movie and your ad appears, but they don't click on it, but maybe click on one of the other search results.

With search engine marketing, your ad can only appear when people do a search.

So you won't be able to reach them with search engine marketing when they leave it and browse something else on the internet, but with display ads, your ads can appear on any site that offers ad space.

This means that you can take advantage of millions of additional websites outside the confines of search engines to advertise online.


What does search engine advertising and display advertising look like?


There is a final difference between the two types of ads, which is the ads themselves. Ads on search engines often consist of text: there are usually two types of headlines:

  • Descriptive text
  • A link you can click on

And maybe a few other things like address or phone number, which is determined according to the options provided by the search engine.

On the other hand to advertise online, display ads give advertisers more creative options such as different sizes and formats, images, videos and many more.

That is, there are more opportunities to attract the attention of a potential client.

So now you can see how search engine marketing differs from display ads, but hopefully you know that they can work together.

Getting someone's attention with a dazzling graphic ad is a good way to fill their minds, and later, when they're thinking of making a purchase, they're more likely to head to a search engine.

If your ads then appear in their search, they may remember you and click your link. And that's exactly what you want.



Both search engine advertising and display advertising can attract new customers, but in different ways to advertise online.

It is enough to know how they work, where ads can be shown, and what ad formats are available because that will help you show the right messages to the right people wherever they are on the Internet.

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