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Using I'M GOOD AT to Build Sentences

Using "I'm Good at" in English

"I'm" is short for "I am" when adding "good at" sometimes people may ask you "what is your talent?" Or you might ask yourself, "What am I good at?" At that time, you can use this type of sentence to answer your practice only.

These are very useful in your daily English conversation to know how you using "I'm good at".

These sample sentences will help you improve your English, especially for those who are learning English as a second or foreign language. Also, it will be a great way to practice your spoken English as well. 

Here are the examples of using "I'm good at" to build sentences:

  1. I'm good at
  2. I'm good at acting. 
  3. I'm good at basketball. 
  4. I'm good at calculation. 
  5. I'm good at chess. 
  6. I'm good at communication. 
  7. I'm good at computer skills. 
  8. I'm good at cooking. 
  9. I'm good at drawing. 
  10. I'm good at driving. 
  11. I'm good at hiding my feelings. 
  12. I'm good at keeping secrets. 
  13. I'm good at logical thinking. 
  14. I'm good at math. 
  15. I'm good at soccer.
  16. I am good at quizzes that involve logic 41.
  17. I am good at sea and ship. 
  18. I am good at sale and get amount of commission.

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