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50+ Useful Hotel Phrases to Use

50+ Useful Hotel Phrases to Use

When traveling for business or vacation, it is likely that you will be staying in a hotel, residence or hostel. 

No matter where you are staying, you will need some hotel English phrases (quick to use) to be able to communicate with the office staff. 

We've collected some great hotel English phrases for you to use during your stay! 

Useful hotel phrases


Traveling can be stressful, but it's easier if you know the phrases you will need. 

Hopefully these expressions help you during your next hotel stay.

1. Phrases you might say when booking online:

  • Do you have any rooms available for (the seventeenth of April)?
  • When can I check-in?
  • Is there an airport shuttle bus?

2. Phrases you might say upon arriving at a hotel:

  • Can someone help me with my bags?
  • Could we please check-out a little late, at (one o'clock)?
  • Do you have any vacancy?
  • Does the room have air-conditioning?
  • I booked a room online. It's under (name).
  • I have a reservation.
  • I'd like a room for 2 nights, please?
  • I'd like a single room/double room/triple room/twin room/suite, please.
  • I'd like to book a room, please.
  • Is breakfast included?
  • What time is checkout?
  • When is check-out time?
  • Where are the elevators/lifts?

3. Phrases you might say after booking:

  • Are there any laundry facilities?
  • Can I see the room, please?
  • Do you have a room with a bath?
  • What time is breakfast?
  • Where's the restaurant?

4. Phrases you might say in the room:

  • Are there any laundry facilities?
  • Could I have a towel, please?
  • Could I have a wake-up call at (seven o'clock), please?
  • Could I have an extra blanket?
  • Could you please change the sheets?
  • Do you lock the front door at night?
  • I would like to change my room.
  • The room is too noisy.
  • We need (housekeeping service), please.
  • We'd like to stay for an extra day.
  • Where do we have breakfast?
  • Where's the restaurant?

5. Phrases you might say when in trouble:

  • Can I have another room please, this one is (Not clean/ too noisy/ very small).
  • I've lost room key.
  • My room's not been made up.
  • One of the lights isn't working.
  • The (key/heating/shower/television) doesn't work.
  • The room's too (hot/cold/noisy).
  • There isn't any hot water.
  • There's no (toilet paper/soap/shampoo).

6. Phrases you might say when checking out:

  • Could you please call me a taxi?
  • I'd like to check out.
  • We really enjoyed our stay.
  • We're checking out now.

Phrases you may be asked in hotels


Here are the most commonly used expressions you might hear from hotel staff.

1. Phrases you might hear upon arriving:

  • Could I see your I.D., please?
  • Could you fill out this registration form?
  • Could you please fill out this form?
  • Do you have a reservation?
  • Do you need a wake-up call?
  • Do you need help with your bags?
  • Here is your key.
  • How long will you be staying?
  • How many guests are with you?
  • How many nights?
  • I'm sorry, we don't have any rooms available.
  • I'm sorry, we don't have any vacancy.
  • I'm sorry, we're completely booked./I'm sorry, we're full up.
  • Is there anything else we can help you with?
  • May I have your name, please?
  • Please sign your name here.
  • Sorry, pets are not allowed.
  • Sorry, smoking is not allowed.
  • What name is the reservation under?
  • When are you planning to check out?
  • Would you like help with your bags?
  • Your room is on the second floor.
  • Your room number is (901).

2. Phrases you might hear in the room:

  • There is a restaurant on the ground floor.
  • More fresh towels are available at the front desk.
  • Enjoy your stay!

3. Phrases you might hear when checking out:

  • How was your stay?
  • Could I have your room key, please?
  • Could you sign for these charges, please?
  • Thank you for staying with us!
  • Your total is… How would you like to pay?



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