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100+ Useful Expressions to Use at a Restaurant in English

Useful Expressions to Use at Restaurant in English

Who of us does not enter a restaurant and needs some sentences in English to talk to the waiter or to the restaurant staff and the common expressions to use at a restaurant. 


Expressions about booking and making a reservation in a restaurant


Here are the most common expressions and phrases said by you and the restaurant staff, when making a booking in a restaurant:

The Waiter/ Waitress might say:

  1. Can I help you?
  2. Do you have a reservation?
  3. For how many people?
  4. For what time?
  5. Have you booked a table?
  6. How many are you?
  7. I can seat you at 7.30 on Tuesday, if you would kindly give me your name.
  8. I have a table for four available at 7.45, please just give me your name.
  9. If you wait, there'll be a table for you free in a minute.
  10. If you would please be seated over in the waiting area, our hostess will be with you in a moment.
  11. Of course. Please come this way.
  12. Or Your table isn't quite ready yet.
  13. Smoking, or non-smoking?
  14. We don't have anything available at 8.30. Is 7.30 OK?
  15. We will have a table for you.
  16. We're full booked at the moment. Could you come back a bit later?
  17. What can I do for you?
  18. When for?
  19. Would you follow me, please?
  20. Would you like to wait in the bar?
  21. Your table isn't quite ready yet.

You might say:

  1. A table for two please.
  2. Do you have any free tables?
  3. I booked a table for two for…(7 pm)
  4. I need to make a dinner reservation.
  5. I would like to make a dinner reservation for two.
  6. I'd like to book a table, please.
  7. I'd like to make a reservation.
  8. It's under the name of…
  9. May we sit at this table?
  10. Our reservation is under the name of Thomas at 7.30 for two people.
  11. We have a dinner reservation for two at 7.30.
  12. We will need the reservation for Tuesday night.We will be coming to your restaurant on Tuesday night.

Expressions about ordering and asking about the menu


Ordering food in English at a restaurant is easy, too – if you know these simple phrases:

The Waiter/ Waitress might say:

  1. Anything to drink?
  2. Are you ready to order yet?
  3. Can I get you a drink while you're waiting?
  4. Can I get you anything else?
  5. Can I start you off with anything to drink?
  6. Can I take your order, sir/madam?
  7. Can I take your order?
  8. Do you want a dessert?
  9. Do you want a salad with it?
  10. Do you want vegetables with it?
  11. Hi, I'm Sue, I'll be your server for tonight.
  12. How would you like your steak? (rare, medium, well done)
  13. It'll take about 20 minutes.
  14. May I get you anything to drink?
  15. Red or white?
  16. Sorry, the hamburgers are off.
  17. The burgers are very good.
  18. What did you want to order?
  19. What do you want for the main course?
  20. What kind of dressing?
  21. What would you like for a starter?
  22. What would you like for dessert?
  23. What would you like to drink with your meal?
  24. What would you like to drink?
  25. What would you like to start with?
  26. Why don’t you try the pizza?
  27. Would you like an appetizer?
  28. Would you like any coffee?
  29. Would you like any wine with that?
  30. Would you like coffee or tea with your dessert?
  31. Would you like dessert after your meal?
  32. Would you like to finish your evening with us with some dessert?
  33. Would you like to order anything else?
  34. Would you like to see our dessert menu?
  35. Would you like to try our dessert special?
  36. Would you like…(chips) with that?

You might say:

  1. A table for two, please.
  2. Can I have…
  3. Could you bring us the menu, please?
  4. Could you bring us the salt/ pepper/ ketchup/ vinegar, please?
  5. Do you have a set menu?
  6. Does this have any seafood in it?
  7. Does this have any…(Seafood) in it?
  8. I especially like the wonderful chicken dish.
  9. I really love this meal.
  10. I would like a Coke.
  11. I would like to order my food now.
  12. I'd like…
  13. I'll have it rare/ medium rare/ medium/ well done, please.
  14. I'll have the soup as a starter.
  15. I'll have the steak for the main course.
  16. Is that shrimp in the soup?
  17. Is there anything you recommend?
  18. Is this served with salad?
  19. Just some water, please.
  20. Let's have four coffees, please.
  21. May I get an order of barbeque wings?
  22. May I have some water, please?
  23. May we sit at this table?
  24. My fish has good seasoning but is a little dry.The cake is too sweet for me.
  25. My salad is very soggy.
  26. No, thanks. I am full after the meal.
  27. That'll be all for now.
  28. That's all, thank you.
  29. The menu, please.
  30. The vegetables are kind of mushy.
  31. We would like two coffees and two teas.
  32. We'd like a little longer, please.
  33. We'd like to order a cheeseburger and some fries.
  34. We'll have the chicken with vegetables and the vegetable pasta, please.
  35. We're not ready yet.
  36. What a wonderful dinner!
  37. What do you recommend?
  38. What is in this chicken dish?
  39. What’s …exactly?
  40. What’s on the menu?
  41. What's Irish Stew like?
  42. What's on the menu? 
  43. Yes, can I see the dessert menu please?
  44. Yes, please. May I get a glass of lemonade?

If there are problems with the order, the waiter might say:

  1. I don't think we have anymore…(steak) left. I'll check with the kitchen.
  2. I'm sorry, but the king prawn soup is finished.
  3. Sorry, the hamburgers are off.

Expressions about dealing with problems


Here are the most common expressions to use at a restaurant problems and solutions that may help you when speaking.

You might say:

  1. Excuse me, but I didn't order this
  2. I'm sorry, but this is cold.
  3. Can I change my order please?
  4. I'm sorry, but can I change my order?
  5. I am sorry, but I think I ordered waffles.

The Waiter/ Waitress might say:

  1. Let me take it back for you.
  2. I am so sorry!
  3. I am sorry that I misheard you.
  4. Let me change it for you.
  5. I'm so sorry. I’ll change it for you straightaway.

Expressions to use in a restaurant when getting the bill


Finally, you will have to get the bill. Here are some sentences that may help you.

You might say:

  1. Are you paying together?
  2. Can I have my bill?
  3. Can I have the check, please?
  4. Can we have separate checks?
  5. Could I have the bill, please?
  6. Could I have the check, please?
  7. Could we get the bill?
  8. Could we pay please?
  9. Do you accept credit cards?
  10. I am ready for my bill.
  11. I am ready to pay the bill.
  12. I would like my check, please.
  13. We'll take the check.
  14. We're going to split the bill.

What you hear:

  1. Are you paying together?
  2. Did you enjoy your meal?



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