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How to Use USED TO to Build Sentences

 Use "Used to" in English

"Used to" is commonly used. Refers to something from the past that is no longer true or is still true. 

They are also frequently used in English grammar as "modal verb phrases". 


Uses of "used to" in the past

Meaning: For an activity I was doing. When we refer to things in the past which are no longer true.

In negative: Didn't use to.

Structure: Subject Pronouns + used to + verb 


  • I used to ride bicycles. (but now I ride motorcycles)
  • Sam used to go out with Sara. (but now with Angelina)
  • He used to be thin. (but he doesn't now)
  • He didn't used to travel. (but he love to travel now)   

Uses of "used to" in the present continuous


Meaning: It is used for an activity that I have been doing and am still doing.  

In negative: Not use to.

Structure: Subject Pronouns + Am, is, are + used to + verb + ing.


  • I'm used to riding bicycles.
  • Sam is used to going out with Sara.
  • He is used to being thin.
  • He is not used to traveling.
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