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Use THAT'S WHY to Build Sentences

The Use of "That's Why" to build sentences

The use of "That's why" is to tell someone the reason for the action and is equal to because of this or therefore.

Here are the examples of the use of "that's why" to build sentences:

  1. You've got a guilty conscience - that's why you can't sleep.
  2. You see? There you go. That's why I didn't mention it earlier. I knew you'd take it the wrong way.
  3. You don't chew your food enough - that's why you get indigestion.
  4. The boy failed in the exam and that's why the teacher kept him behind after school.
  5. The baby's cutting a tooth. That's why she's crying all the time.
  6. That's why you're so anti other people smoking.
  7. That's why you fail to understand.
  8. That's why this country's going down the drain!
  9. That's why she's so tired.
  10. That's why she cries at sad movies.
  11. That's why she appears so happy.
  12. That's why people admire you.
  13. That's why I was late.
  14. That's why I must trust you to keep this secret.
  15. That's why I like her.
  16. That's why I left so early.
  17. That's why he's so successful.
  18. That's why he's got so caught up with this crazy idea about Mr. Trancas.
  19. That's why babies crawl before they can walk.
  20. That is why you use it for emergencies.
  21. That is why you try and include everyone.
  22. That is why you lock your doors when you leave home.
  23. That is why you help out people in need.
  24. That is why she smiles when you walk by.
  25. Simon loves you - that's why he wants to be with you.
  26. She mixes very well - perhaps that's why she's so popular.
  27. She just wants to be noticed, that's why she dresses so strangely.
  28. Our lives are brief, that's why it's important to search for meaning.
  29. My usual train was cancelled. That's why I'm so late.
  30. He killed a man once and that's why he had to leave Ireland.
  31. He is very well - informed; that's why he won the general knowledge competition.
  32. He doesn't want any ties; that's why he never married.
  33. He doesn't take chances; that's why he's survived and most of his imitators haven't.
  34. Examinations are hanging over her head — that's why she can't sleep at nights.
  35. And so, to answer your question, that's why your mother is disappointed.

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