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Use YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO to Build Sentences

Use of "You're Supposed to"

When you use the word "You're" with "supposed to" you are making a suggestion that something you strongly believe should happen.

Here are the examples of the use of "You're Supposed to" in English:

  1. And you're supposed to be on the other side, so l can use the slider.
  2. Creasy: What kind of question is that? You're supposed to be studying history.
  3. Do you know what you're supposed to do to meet a mermaid?
  4. For sanitary reasons, you're supposed to swim in your birthday suit here.
  5. Have you any queries about what you're supposed to do?
  6. In Britain, you're supposed to put your car into neutral whenever you stop at a junction.
  7. Paddock: Yeah, you're supposed to be off finding some castle on the road to Cherbourg.
  8. Under our education system, you're supposed to be able to choose the type of schooling that your child receives.
  9. What are you doing out of bed - you're supposed to be asleep.
  10. You are supposed to decide before next Thursday.
  11. You are supposed to encourage one another.
  12. You are supposed to fasten your seat belt.
  13. You are supposed to invite all your friends.
  14. You're supposed to be a hostess, not a pallbearer.
  15. You're supposed to be sticking up for me!
  16. You're supposed to buy a ticket, but not many people do.
  17. You're supposed to keep that secret.
  18. You're supposed to keep your room clean.
  19. You're supposed to let me know when you leave.
  20. You're supposed to pay the bill by Friday.
  21. You're supposed to put the handbrake on whenever you stop on a hill.
  22. You're supposed to remain calm.
  23. You're supposed to return the movies you rent on time.
  24. You're supposed to shuck off your old self, lose track of the news back home and try on an utterly foreign way of life.
  25. You're supposed to stop when at a red light.
  26. You're supposed to take the lid off first, Dad. Metal's bad for microwaves.
  27. You're supposed to tidy up, so stop shirking and do it!
  28. You're supposed to unpack once you get there.

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