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The Use of WHAT IF to Build Sentences

The Use of "What if"


The use of "what if" phrase is when you ask a question. If this happens, you are usually looking for an answer at the time of the question being asked.

Here are the examples to practice:

  1. "What if there's nothing left at all?" he cries, lost in some intense existential angst.
  2. And what if some one actually grabbed hold of my ankle and wrestled me to the ground?
  3. But what if a large passenger aircraft has to be fuelled ready for flight?
  4. But what if she says not?
  5. But what if the government takes no heed?
  6. He's fifteen years younger than me So ,what if he 'is?
  7. Or what if he gets a toothache or needs an appendectomy or is bringing some incurable tropical disease over here with him?
  8. So what if he was late Who cares?
  9. So what if I'm and I'm not married - I lead a perfectly fulfilling life!
  10. So what if nobody else agrees with me?
  11. So what if the colours clashed?
  12. So what if we fall down? At least we are still young
  13. So what if we're a little late?
  14. What if he was faithless to his friends and to his wife?
  15. What if I should fall sick and not be able to work?
  16. What if it rained and then froze all through those months?
  17. What if it rains when we can't get under shelter?
  18. What if Khrushchev had not blinked?
  19. What if my mind goes completely blank with panic?
  20. What if Penry took one look at her and threw her out, bag and baggage?
  21. What if she forgets to bring it?
  22. What if she were to be stranded in the mountains - marooned by a blizzard?
  23. What if some one expects me to speak again?
  24. What if the car you buy turns out to be a pig in a poke?
  25. What if the jury believed it was an accident?
  26. What if the parachute doesn't open?
  27. What if the rumour is true?
  28. What if the train is late?
  29. What if the train's late?
  30. What if there is a blockage in the process?
  31. What if this plan of yours fails, what then?
  32. What if we moved the sofa over here? Would that look better?
  33. What if you don't pass your exams?
  34. What if you should fail?
  35. What if you want to compare the actual contents of an object for equivalence?
  36. What if, for example, she were an anti-Semite?
  37. What if I do not finish on time?
  38. What if we introduce ourselves first?
  39. What if I called her tomorrow?
  40. What if I don't understand?
  41. What if I miss the bus?
  42. What if I were late to dinner?
  43. What if it rains while we are camping?
  44. What if no one is home?
  45. What if someone sees me?
  46. What if they decide to stay?

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