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Use THE POINT IS THAT to Build Sentences

Use of "the Point is That" in the English

The use of "the point is that" you mean the meaning of what is actually happening.

Here are the examples:

  1. But the point is that it's solid oak.
  2. But the point is that lung cancer is immediately connected with smoking, in everybody's mind.
  3. But the point is that once started, it is often a continuous development until one or both parties become losers.
  4. However, the point is that if there were a complete test ban, there would be no nuclear tests allowed.
  5. Such mistakes are easily made; the point is that one should not treat any historical document as gospel.
  6. The designing concept need to be creationary based on history, taking into account the characteristics of history. the point is that it should be propitious to future development.
  7. The point is that a double-digit differential can make quite a difference to pensioners' returns.
  8. the point is that crops and weeds are in a sense kindred spirits, with several traits in common.
  9. The point is that every teacher who cares about being a fine teacher has an identification with these principles.
  10. The point is that he has provided one; and one which even Labour's nationalist wing is little equipped to dispute.
  11. The point is that human beings have relatively few needs, but can generate an enormous number of wants.
  12. The point is that I have counseled presidents of both political parties.
  13. The point is that if we do not leave now we will be late.
  14. The point is that if you study you will do well in school.
  15. The point is that leaving a baby alone is not a good idea.
  16. The point is that manufacturing really began on greenfield sites without the benefit of central planning.
  17. The point is that nobody can be sure what the correct answer actually is.
  18. The point is that people grew unaccustomed to thinking and acting in a responsible and independent way. Herein lies another big problem.
  19. The point is that problem solving is an active process.
  20. The point is that religious innovation is a fact of human culture.
  21. The point is that she does not understand.
  22. The point is that she needs to be more responsible.
  23. The point is that snakes can be dangerous.
  24. The point is that some things in health services can't easily be looked at with quantitative methods alone.
  25. The point is that Sun's kind of sugar daddy is neither uncommon, illegal or even fattening.
  26. The point is that the activity itself, in this case combustion, is not by itself moral or immoral.
  27. The point is that the broadest measures of the money supply (M2 and M3) vastly overstate how much "real money" actually exists in the system.
  28. The point is that the differences and similarities are not necessarily mutually exclusive; rather, they both raise gender-specific issues.
  29. The point is that the fact of empire affects both white and black communities.
  30. The point is that the threat of take-overs reduces the long-term security of employees and managers.
  31. The point is that the word fresh used to be synonymous with high quality.
  32. The point is that the world would be a better place.
  33. The point is that there is a Heat Constant when testing the heat of the headstock.
  34. The point is that there is likely to be political disagreement over how to resolve these issues.
  35. The point is that they are deliberately sought because some reasoned theoretical considerations are felt to require them.
  36. The point is that this cliched suburban life of mowing the lawn, Humbert is a foreigner--into something you can laugh at, something you can enjoy, something that you can apply the knight's move to.
  37. The point is that various combinations of government and private sector organization, finance and production are possible.
  38. The point is that violence is a necessary part of human interaction with the non-human world, but absolutely illegitimate within it.
  39. The point is that we need this done today.
  40. The point is that we need to work together.
  41. The point is that we should help.
  42. The point is that you are suffering from a complex delusion.
  43. Yeah. The point is that she's extremely house-proud. She can always make her room comfortable.

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