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Use LET'S SAY THAT to Build Sentences

Uses of "Let's say that"

"Let us" is "let's", in "Let's say that" you are suggesting to someone that you should agree to what you will communicate with another person.

Use "let's say that" in English with examples that can help you practice your vocabulary:

  1. And let's say that the position vector, R which should be aiming for the origin, R is here.
  2. For example, let's say that you are working on an application that needs geocoding support, and you've never worked with a geocoding library before.
  3. Let's say that as an alien you arrive in your space-ship, have a bumpy landing and succumb to amnesia.
  4. Let's say that I have a plane curve and a vector field in the plane.
  5. Let's say that I have to work.
  6. Let's say that it's hard to decide.
  7. Let's say that it's true.
  8. Let's say that manager produces annual return of 8 %.
  9. Let's say that one day he opens the medicine-chest let's say, she has separate bathroom, and in her medicine-chest he sees a bottle of poison.
  10. Let's say that the movie was really good.
  11. Let's say that we can host.
  12. Let's say that we enjoy being with them.
  13. Let's say that we had a good time.
  14. Let's say that we have to go.
  15. Let's say that you had an object that represented a cache of persistent data.
  16. Let's say that you have a tmpfs filesystem mounted at /dev/shm, its traditional location, and you decide that you'd like to start using tmpfs for /tmp, which currently lives on your root filesystem.
  17. Let's say that you love to fish.
  18. Say, polar coordinates. Let's say that I have a function but is defined in terms of the polar coordinate variables on theta.
  19. So, for example, let's say that a specific application function is only available to employees in the legal department, and these employees are all in Department 102.

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