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Use IT IS NO USE to Build Sentences

Uses of "It's no use"

When you use "It's no use" you are saying that what you or someone else is doing is not recommended or unwarranted. 

Here are the examples:

  1. He's dead and it's no use wishing him alive again.
  2. It's no use apologizing.
  3. It's no use arguing about it.
  4. It's no use arguing with a drunk.
  5. It's no use asking Kim to go out with you; she only has eyes for Mark.
  6. It's no use attempting to please him.
  7. It's no use begging me - I'm not coming and that's final.
  8. It's no use behaving that way.
  9. It's no use calling down punishment on the enemies.
  10. It's no use checking on it yet.
  11. It's no use citing the Bible to a non - Christian.
  12. It's no use citing the Bible to him.
  13. It's no use cleaning up
  14. It's no use complaining about the failure of our experiment; what we should do now is to make the best of a bad job and get ready to start anew.
  15. It's no use crying.
  16. It's no use crying over spilt milk
  17. It's no use crying over spilt milk, - he's spent all the money, and there's nothing you can do about it
  18. It's no use dreaming about that boy, he won't come back — are you going to moon away the whole of your life?
  19. It's no use fishing for trout in this river,there are none left.
  20. It's no use getting stroppy - I said no and I meant it!
  21. It's no use going against the director's decision.
  22. It's no use grieving about past errors.
  23. It's no use grumbling at the weather.
  24. It's no use just wishing away for week after week; you have to take some action!
  25. It's no use just wringing our hands we must do something to help.
  26. It's no use learning facts about a subject if you don't understand it.
  27. It's no use Let's hang up and try for a better line.
  28. It's no use locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.
  29. It's no use praying for the weather to change.
  30. It's no use pretending you didn't know.
  31. It's no use pumping a dry well.
  32. It's no use running? the train has already gone.
  33. It's no use separating them.
  34. It's no use stroking him He never likes it.
  35. It's no use talking to her.
  36. It's no use talking to him when he's in a temper.
  37. It's no use talking to him: he's completely in fatuated.
  38. It's no use thinking the world owes you a living, you know.
  39. It's no use trying to get round paying the income tax!
  40. It's no use trying to make her hurry.
  41. It's no use trying to pull the wool over my eyes I know exactly what's going on.
  42. It's no use tying it; you have to glue it.
  43. It's no use weeping over what can't be helped.
  44. It's no use whining about it.
  45. It's no use wishing for the impossible.
  46. It's no use wishing for things you can't have.
  47. It's no use, the car won't start we'll have to leg it.
  48. The facts are quite clear; it's no use trying to dress them up.
  49. You have to be an individual; it's no use running with the herd.
  50. You've broken it now; it's no use crying over spilt milk!

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