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Use IT'S GONNA BE to Build Sentences

Use "It's gonna be"

The abbreviation for "it is" is "it's" and the abbreviation for "going to" is "gonna." The phrase "it's gonna be" is often used in the future. It comes when you talk about something irrational.

Use "it's gonna be" to telling someone how something would be or this might be something you would do, see, or feel. Here are some examples:

  1. And if it is gonna be a standing wave then this must be an integral number of wavelengths.
  2. But I know it is gonna be a wrench.
  3. But remember that above all it is gonna be a place where people are meant to enjoy their food.
  4. I never know what it is gonna be until I steal a look in the glass.
  5. If it is gonna be special, put it on a pedestal of sorts.
  6. If you must have a sun deck as part of your new home, you better make sure it is gonna be sunny!
  7. It is gonna be a family home.
  8. It is gonna be a tougher year than most.
  9. It is gonna be a very formal party, white tie and tails for men, full-length gowns for women.
  10. It is gonna be built next to the Serpentine, a 40 acre artificial lake.
  11. It's gonna be delicious.
  12. It's gonna be disgusting.
  13. It's gonna be exciting.
  14. It's gonna be depressing.
  15. It's gonna be easy.
  16. Look at the bottom of the table and you can see how tough it is gonna be.
  17. New Employee: At first it is gonna be difficult. During the first three months, I'm on probation. So I won't get sales commissions until after that.
  18. Royal-watcher Mary Hayes said: "It looks like it is gonna be an unhappy time for the Queen."
  19. The weatherman says it is gonna be fair today.
  20. We are ready to jump into action, and once we do it is gonna be something of a helter-skelter ride.

You can also add "he or she" or a person's name to describe how they interact with something. Here are some examples:

  1. Sam is gonna be grumpy after I tell him
  2. He is gonna be a stock broker and he stakes his entire future on that goal.
  3. He is gonna be be an accountant.
  4. He is gonna be be terrific at that.
  5. He is gonna be the most important car maker since Henry Ford.
  6. He is gonna be tough to deal with
  7. I suspect that she is gonna be transferred.
  8. Sally is gonna be successful
  9. She is gonna be a timekeeper at the track meet.
  10. She is gonna be relieved to hear that
  11. She is gonna be scared after watching that movie

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