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Use I WAS BUSY to Build Sentences

Using "I was Busy" to Build Sentences

Here is the use of "I was busy" in an easy and simple way to learn English.

When you use the word "was" you are referring to something in the past or something that happened before. When combined with the word "busy" you can express something that occupied you in the past. Here are some example of using "I Was Busy" to build sentences:

  1. I declined her offer and the next day I was busy compiling the name of every head-hunter I could find.
  2. I was busy cleaning the house.
  3. I was busy completing my housework.
  4. I was busy cooking dinner.
  5. I was busy correcting proofs.
  6. I was busy entertaining our neighbors.
  7. I was busy in reading book just now.
  8. I was busy learning new things.
  9. I was busy raking.
  10. I was busy studying for my test.
  11. I was busy talking on the phone.
  12. I was busy thinking of ideas for our website.
  13. I was busy thinking.
  14. It's perfectly true that I didn't help much, but I was busy.
  15. Then you can come back and we'll talk for old sake's sake. I told you I was busy.


By changing "was" to "am" you change your message from the past tense to the present tense and indicate what you are doing now. Here are some examples:

  1. Dad: Ur, I am busy with my work. There is a coin-operated washing machine on the first floor. Let's go.
  2. Don't interrupt me when I am busy.
  3. Don't telephone me when I am busy.
  4. Excuse me. I am busy at the moment. I'll take you later.
  5. I am busy at the moment; I'll get one of the assistants to see to you.
  6. I am busy completing housework.
  7. I am busy cooking dinner.
  8. I am busy studying for my test.
  9. I am busy talking on the phone.
  10. I am busy with my accounts adding up figures by the hour.
  11. I am busy with my final exam up to my neck.
  12. I am busy with the account, adding up figures by the hour.
  13. I am busy with their own response to the tongue, and the mother tongue Interlacing together.
  14. I am busy working.
  15. I can't do it now because I am busy.
  16. Shove off! I am busy.
  17. When I am busy with becoming complete and engaged in what I need to do, I won't have time to think wastefully or speak unnecessarily.
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