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Use I WANNA to Build Sentences

Uses of "I wanna" in english

This lesson will teach you in a great way how to use I wanna learn English easily.

How to use "I wanna" to build sentences?

1. The word "I wanna" is grammatically incorrect and is equivalent to "want to." When combined with the word "I," it helps communicate something you want to do. Here are some examples:

  • And all I wanna hear is the message beep.
  • And I wanna focus in on the boiling water reactor and the pressurised water reactor.
  • And making love with you is all I wanna do.
  • I never told you, I wanna hold you.
  • I wanna be a ballet dancer.
  • I wanna be married to you. Do you wanna be married to me?
  • I wanna hamburger, Mom.
  • I wanna help you with the dinner at the community center. I brought some canned food extra hand.I wanna hold your hand.
  • I wanna listen to that song
  • I wanna make all ur dreams come true.
  • I wanna marry her
  • I wanna order some food
  • I wanna say that I'm a klutz.
  • I wanna search for a job   
  • I wanna see how big is the black cock is, thanks a lot.
  • I wanna shout out to all the trash celebrity stars.
  • I wanna sing with deliria and dance with rapture.
  • I wanna take walks in the park, and we'd wine and dine until it's dark...
  • I wanna talk
  • I'm your buckaroo, I wanna be like you.
  • Everything I found out, I wanna forget.
  • Let's say I wanna send a picture back to Alison.
  • No, I wanna find Beverly Hills, can you give me directions?
  • No, I wanna find Beverly Hills. Can you give me directions?
  • Sometimes, I wanna get on TV and just let loose, but can't.
  • There's so much I wanna do now I just wanna make love to you.
  • What I wanna kiss is your face under the flash bulb.

2. To add the word "Don't" you can change the meaning of what you say to something you want to do to something you don't want to do. Examples:

  • Also they are good friends already, the whole atmosphere is great and I don't wanna miss that in my sporting life!
  • And well, I don't wanna live a lie, too many sleepless nights. Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say, lady.
  • Don't be throwing fucking stones on stage like this...I don't wanna go blind over some fucking dickhead!
  • I don't wanna get up.
  • I don't wanna hear too much illusive words.
  • I don't wanna kidnap the truth and negotiate.
  • I don't wanna listen to that song.
  • I don't wanna order some food.
  • I don't wanna search for a job.
  • I don't wanna talk.
  • Love you so I don't wanna go to sleep, for reality is better than a dream.
  • This is a state of emergency. I don't wanna be another casualty.
  • Well, listen, I don't wanna kill your time, But this could be a long-life story.
  • You should've been more wise, and well, I don't wanna live a lie, too many sleepless nights. Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say, lady.

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