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Use I USED TO + VERB to Build Sentences

Uses of "I used to + verb" in English

This lesson will help you to improve your English, because "Used to" is very much needed when we use spoken and written English.

"I used to + verb" is something that was done in the past and is not usually done now." Here are some examples:

  1. During the depression, I used to hop freights at least once a month.
  2. I used to be able to skate quite well, but I've lost the knack.
  3. I used to develop websites. 
  4. I used to get teased about my name.
  5. I used to go to the beach every day. 
  6. I used to hate being teased about my red hair when I was at school.
  7. I used to have fantasies about living in Paris with an artist.
  8. I used to have many men friends but there are fewer now that I'm past my bloom.
  9. I used to hit out at my husband and throw things at him.
  10. I used to jog every day. 
  11. I used to keep a diary.
  12. I used to like the clowns best at the circus.
  13. I used to like vegetables.
  14. I used to live in London.
  15. I used to live in York and I'm still fond of the place.
  16. I used to paint
  17. I used to play here as a boy.
  18. I used to pour time and energy into projects that were doomed from the start.
  19. I used to run six miles a day in my army days.
  20. I used to scatter in the cinema last year.
  21. I used to share a bedroom with my brother.
  22. I used to smoke, but I gave up a couple of years ago.
  23. I used to stay up late with my mom and watch movies.
  24. I used to take a bath twice a day last year, morning and night.
  25. I used to take plenty of exercise, but now I'm terribly unfit.
  26. I used to think avocados tasted soapy when I was a child.
  27. I used to think that Gordon was a moron.
  28. I used to think the worst feeling was losing someone you love. But, I was wrong. The worst feeling is the moment you have lost yourself.
  29. I used to wear a brace.
  30. I used to work as a cleaner in a hospital.
  31. I used to work from home. 
  32. John and I used to bunk off school.
  33. When I was little I used to like sliding on the polished floor in my socks.

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